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The energy of the universe is neutral: James O 'Dea in Restorati

February 12, 2021– “The central thesis of my book, ‘Creative Stress – A path for evolving souls living through personal and planetary upheaval’, is that the energy of the universe is neutral. Only in the last hundred years the word” emphasizes “has come to denote something negative. For the poet, the accent is the language, for the composer, the accent is the musical notes. So the accent is a neutral concept. It is the pressure of energy in a particular direction. The energy of the universe comes to us, it comes to us and we filter it in. We create a process of meaning around it If our process of meaning around it pushes it aside, we should say that the physics of energy begins to apply. That energy doesn’t go away. It needs to be transformed. So it shows in your blood pressure, your heart. ” Author James O’Dea, former Director of Amnesty International, shares more about his journey as a leading voice in the movement for forgiveness, reconciliation and restorative justice and how his life seems to have been ordained by fate to take on a number of what some You might call them “stressful” roles. (235 reads)

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