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Hero Officers and Good Samaritan Save Unconscious Woman From Sinking Car in Near-Fatal Accident – WATCH


The Hyundai driver whose car fell on a Florida road into the Indian River in the middle of the night has some good Samaritans to thank for saving his life.

A passerby called 911 while speeding across the street to alert a Melbourne police officer that he was making a traffic stop nearby.

“Help! There is a person in the water, please!”

Officer Peter Dolci III came running up and police body camera footage shows the car, which according to the witness, overturned 2 or 3 times, half submerged on its side.

Dolci jumped into the water and discovered a Good Samaritan crouching in the river partially inside the vehicle holding the head of the unconscious driver above the water.

When Officer Luke Drummer arrived, they pried out the window so they could pull her out and drag her ashore.

The unidentified Samaritan woman could be heard saying that she is not breathing and urging officers to give her CPR.

“He did a great job,” Dolci told reporters. “He kept calm.”

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The driver was soon stable and breathing on her own, after being taken to a hospital.

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