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Francis Weller: Initiation, Trauma and Ritual


Francis Weller: initiation, trauma and ritual

February 3, 2021– “For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings worked through trauma in community through ritual practices. Ritual was the re-regulatory practice after trauma or death. What happens when we abandon those forms? again, another thread of what the soul yearns for because it is abandoned. I have spent the last 20 years developing ritual practices for the community around pain, gratitude, initiation, the recovery of lost parts of our being, the renewal of the world “. In the following interview, Francis Weller delves into the themes of his latest book, “In the absence of the ordinary: essays in a time of uncertainty.” (418 reads)

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To take actionWhat has supported you in your own moments of pain? And is there something you’re grieving over now? Part of our calling these days, according to Weller, is “to reimagine the presence of the sacred.” Where do you experience that presence in your life?



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