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Drawn Into the Garden: An Artist’s Journey


Drawn in the garden: an artist's journey

February 10, 2021– Take a walk through Helen Stewart’s enchanted garden and discover the charm of living in a creative relationship with the earth and soul. Gardening is in Helen’s blood. His great-grandfather ran the world’s largest nursery school of his time. Following in his footsteps, Helen, a former sheep farmer turned artist, author, and community weaver, has gradually transformed the grounds of her heritage home in Victoria, Canada, into a wonderful and quiet place. There is a combination of reverence, ecological wisdom, and fantasy in his approach. While all kinds of creatures thrive on her garden, Helen only plants things that she pretends to draw, and is guided by the conviction that gardens are spaces for meditation. They deepen not only our contact with ourselves, but also our connection to the world, and they give us new ways of seeing our place in it. This short film, which shares a title with Helen’s latest book, is a sanctuary in itself. Look out and let a little of Helen’s green and growing world spill over into yours. (218 reads)

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