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Donella Meadows: Dancing with Systems


Donella Meadows: Dancing with Systems

June 22, 2021– “We can never fully understand our world, not in the way that our reductionist science has made us hope. Our science itself, from quantum theory to the mathematics of chaos, leads us to irreducible uncertainty. For any purpose other than the most trivial, we can’t optimize; we don’t even know what to optimize. We can’t keep track of everything. We can’t find a suitable and sustainable relationship with nature, between ourselves or the institutions we create, if we try to do it on paper of omniscient conqueror. For those who bet their identity on the role of omniscient conqueror, the uncertainty exposed by systems thinking is difficult to assume. If you cannot understand, predict and control, what is there to do? Influential environmentalist, farmer, and writer Donella Meadows explores this question in one of her many thought-provoking articles. (15 readings)

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