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Deepening Our Comfort With Uncertainty


Deepening our comfort with uncertainty

November 5, 2020– “In our daily life, there are infinite forms of uncertainty, many more things that we cannot know than we do. Objectively, this could be a source of great delight, amazement and surrender. We could feel relieved and grateful that we do not have to. perpetually clinging to the wheel, captaining the ship, leading our lives. There is so much to discover that may surprise us, so much we can gratefully give in to, so much permission to let go of our need to know or control what will happen And yet when We experience the presence of a true uncertainty in our lives, it can be a rattle. It goes against the conditioning that most of us have internalized that not knowing is a threat and that it must be hidden or canceled, resolved or resolved, as quickly as possible. possible.” Kristi Nelson shares more in this piece that resonates richly with our time. (8763 reads)

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