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Coronavirus Patient Who Couldn’t Talk Thanked Hospital Staff With Violin Serenade


It started with a note sent to a nurse from her hospital bed in Utah.

A retired music teacher was being intubated to help treat COVID-19 that had infected his lungs. Although he couldn’t speak, Grover Wilhelmsen came up with another way of saying ‘thanks‘to the angels who cared for him in the intensive care unit.

He sent a message to his wife Diana to bring him his violin.

“He let the violin speak for him because he couldn’t speak for himself,” he told CBS News.

Intermountain Healthcare McKay-Dee Hospital nurse Ciara Sas said he cried when he started playing. Then, he put the music in the hallway so his colleagues could listen.

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“This is something that will follow me for the rest of my career,” Sase said.

Although music may not be the best medicine to save patients’ lives, it certainly makes it worth living.

(CLOCK the video below … *NOTE for international viewers: Watch the video on the CBS website)

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