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Coal Miner Plucks Woman Out of Her Car Moments Before it Went Up in Flames


Mercedes Boggs knows she is lucky to be alive. Boggs was on his way to work last month when his car hit a chunk of ice, rolled onto its side and slid down an embankment and came to a stop in a frozen stream.

John Burke / Mercedes Boggs – Facebook

After regaining consciousness, with cold water pouring through the broken windshield, Boggs realized she was trapped. It was then that a stranger appeared approaching her and Boggs knew somehow that everything was going to be okay.

“When I saw it, it was like everything was fine,” he said. WVLT News-8. “I wasn’t even scared anymore. I just knew that that was like my saving grace. “

Neither of them realized how true that first impression would be.

The Good Samaritan released Boggs from his wrecked vehicle. As he helped her up the embankment, her car burst into flames. Had he arrived half a minute later, Boggs would likely have perished in the hell that followed.

Kentucky coal miner John Burke was driving home after working the night shift when he saw someone in serious trouble and stopped to help. After an ambulance team arrived and took over, Burke continued on his way, but instead of sleeping when he got home, he spent the day wondering if the young woman he had pulled from the rubble would be okay.

Boggs was rushed to the hospital without even knowing the name of the person who had saved her life. With no other way to contact him, she launched a plea on Facebook in hopes of finding and thanking the man she now considered her guardian angel:

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“… Please share this in hopes of helping me find the man who saved my life, I deeply owe him. I’d just like to talk to him. Without him, this situation would have been very different. “

Within a few hours, Boggs’s post was shared nearly 900 times. Burke saw him and sent him a message.

Boggs said that when he spoke to him, Burke downplayed his role in his rescue. He didn’t consider himself a hero, just someone who stopped by to help, but Boggs and his family disagree.

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“Kids look up to Batman and Superman and they like those superheroes. This is how I look at John now. He will always be my hero, ”he told WVLT. “He was the person who saved my life.”

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One more good news? It seems like Boggs is getting better and better.

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