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Click Here for Unconditional Love


Click here for unconditional love

February 15, 2021– There is a button on Sue Cochrane’s website that says “Click here for unconditional love”, which leads to a selection of writings that offer exactly that. It’s not just the words in Sue’s stories that move the reader, but the wordless energy behind them. Sue Cochrane survived a traumatic childhood to become a pioneering family court judge. Throughout his career, he strove to return the heart to the body of the law. Her first cancer diagnosis came when her three adopted children were little more than babies. In the eighteen years that followed, Sue lived and loved through a series of deeply serious diagnoses, including stage IV breast cancer and a brain tumor that was deemed inoperable. Amid intense uncertainties and difficult treatment regimens, he never stopped learning, never stopped loving. His courage and compassion touched thousands of lives. On February 13 of this year, Sue passed away peacefully at home. In honor of his beloved life and legacy, we share one of his “Unconditional Love” posts here. (19558 reads)

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