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Barrio De Paz: Peace Town


Peace Neighborhood: Peace Town

February 18, 2021– “Everything in society tells us to distrust others. I think it’s the other way around. We need to trust deeply in those around us, in their potential and in who they are, ”says grandmother Nelsa Curbelo Cora. In 1999, he entered the violence-infested city of Guayaquil, Ecuador to BE peace. Through their grassroots work, many of Guayaquil’s most dangerous gangs have disarmed, agreed to abandon the violence, and now work together to rebuild their community. Check out this profile of Nelsa Curbelo Cora’s work. (113 reads)

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To take actionAdopt an attitude of deep trust in your interactions with everyone you meet today. For more inspiration, join this Saturday’s Awakin Call with Aqeela Sherrills; “Transformation of trauma in urban war zones”. RSVP details and more information here. [more]



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