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A Celebration of Nature’s Rarest Color


The Blue Hour: A Celebration of Nature's Rarest Color

January 27, 2021– “Blue, Rebecca Solnit wrote in one of the most beautiful reflections of humanity on the primary hue of our planet, is the color of loneliness and desire, the color of what is seen from here the color of longing for the distances you never reach, through the blue world, a world of many blues a pioneering nomenclature of colors from the 19th century listed eleven types of blue, in shades as varied as the color of the flax flower and the throat of the blue tit and the resistance of a certain species of anemone. Darwin took this guide with him in The Beagle to better describe what he saw. We name to see better and apprehend only what we know how to name, how to think. ” Maria Popova shares more in this beautiful exploration of ‘The Blue Hour’, a book by French author and illustrator Isabelle Simler. (223 reads)

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To take actionWhat does the color blue evoke in you? Try to be aware of the places this shade appears in your life today. What do you notice that you may have missed before?



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