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A Case for the Porch


A case for the porch

September 25, 2021– “Lately I’ve been trying to think like a porch. Trying to think between the natural and the human. Thinking about the best way to build during a climate crisis. I came across John Cage saying that progress in art” may be listening nature. “He thought that this activity could best be carried out on a porch, where we can listen to nature’s symphony and then breathe in our own masterpieces. Can we play our porches as instruments? So that we can listen but also learn from nature?” Charles Hailey shares more. (9 readings)

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To take actionWhy read in the Anthropocene? This essayist draws on Hailey’s book, “The Porch: Meditations on Nature’s Edge,” to help answer that question. Read the essay here. [more]



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