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20 Motivational Affirmations to Help You Crush Your Fitness Goals


Reaching your fitness goals isn’t always easy and requires determination and focus. There will be times when you want to give up, but you have to keep moving forward. However, these motivational affirmations can help you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Your body is strong, and it only gets stronger with each exercise you do. It is more important to convince yourself that you are strong enough. Once you are convinced, you will see how capable you are of reaching your goals.

Motivational Affirmations to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Keep moving forward and doing her fitness trip one day at a time. Use these motivational affirmations to remind you of what you are working for and to inspire you.

1. I find that my mind and body feel better when I make healthy choices.

Eating nutritious food, drinking lots of water, and exercising are good for you. Not only will they help you achieve your fitness goals, but they will also help your mental health too. You will look better, think more clearly, and be happier making healthy choices.

2. I am excited to exercise.

If you can be excited about exercise, you will reach your fitness goals much faster. Repeat this statement until you start to believe it and then start. You may want to use this statement before each workout, lest you convince yourself to skip it.

3. I am working hard now so that I can reach my goals as soon as possible.

Think about where you want to be in your fitness trip six months or a year from now. If you don’t start right away, you won’t be able to reach that goal. Time will pass regardless of what you decide to do, progressing as time passes.

When you look back in the months to come, you will see how far you have come. You are not in the same place as you are now. Work hard now so that when you look back, you can be proud of your achievement.

4. I fill my body with nutritious food.

Exercise is not the only requirement for a healthy lifestyle. To reach your fitness goals, you should also eat healthy and nutritious food. Meeting all of your nutritional needs can help you feel better and help you reach your fitness goals.

Remember that exercising every day will not help if you are still filling your body with unhealthy foods. Choose whole foods whenever possible and avoid processed foods at all costs.

5. Today I am going to try a little harder.

It will be tempting to be gentle on yourself while exercising, but you don’t always have to. Every time you push a little harder, you get a little stronger. Pushing yourself is the way to get better and more resilient as you reach your fitness goals.

The more you push and the stronger you become, the closer you will be to reaching your goals. If you want to look your best as soon as possible, use this motivational affirmation to push yourself.

6. I am working to have the body I always wanted.

Imagine the body you’ve been dreaming of having and remember the image each time you have to resist the temptation. If you have an unhealthy option, this statement can help you turn it down. Similarly, if you don’t want to exercise, imagining the body of your dreams will get you moving.

7. I get closer to my goal every time I exercise.

Even if you only do light exercise, you are making progress. Every time you exercise, you are one step closer to reaching your fitness goals. Repeat this statement every day to help motivate yourself to do your daily exercise.

8. I look better all the time.

Look for changes in your body as you work towards your fitness goals. Even the smallest improvements should get you excited. Once you have noticed these things, remind yourself of them often.

If you know that you look better, you will want to keep working hard. It may be all the motivation you need to be successful.

9. I will never regret exercising, but I will regret skipping this workout.

There probably won’t be a time when you’ve completed a workout and wish you didn’t. However, you will regret not doing it at all. Get it over with so you can do it and be proud of yourself for fighting.

10. I am strong enough to do this and I get stronger every day.

When you push yourself during a workout, you may feel like you can’t. However, remember that you are strong enough and keep moving forward. You get stronger every day, which means you can do more today than yesterday.

11. I know that every moment of my day is a new opportunity to make a healthy decision.

The thing about making healthy choices is that it is never too late to start. If you made unhealthy decisions earlier in the day or even during the week, you can turn things around right now. Every moment you have is an opportunity to make a healthy decision.

That healthy option could be skipping an unhealthy snack when you’re bored or choosing fruits instead. Making a healthy decision could also mean getting up and walking after sitting for a while. Any healthy choice, no matter how small, is a good choice.

12. I have the willpower to perform each exercise.

You can’t give up, especially in the middle of a workout. No matter how intense it is, keep moving forward. It’s about keeping the right mindset and telling yourself that you can and will do it.

13. I make time to exercise and eat healthy foods.

One excuse people often tell themselves is that they don’t have time to reach their fitness goals. You might say that you don’t have time to exercise or that planning healthy meals and snacks takes too long. However, if reaching your fitness goals is important to you, you must find the time to make it happen.

14. I love and respect my body.

Self-love and self-respect are two things that can help you reach your fitness goals. These things may seem unrelated at first, but with self-love and self-respect, taking care of your body becomes easier. You will put healthier foods and drinks in your body and exercise more to keep fit.

You tend to take better care of the things you love, so it makes sense that it’s the same for your body. With love comes respect, and then you will reach your fitness goals.

15. I am ready to reach my fitness goals.

Being prepared to reach your goals is one of the steps in the fitness process. Once your mind is in the right place, nothing can stop you if you stay focused and determined.

16. I take care of myself the best I can.

There is no better way to take care of yourself than to take care of your body. Your body protects you and allows you to do things, so take care of it as much as you can. Since your body protects you and allows you to be active, exercise and eat healthy is essential.

17. I am becoming a better version of myself.

You remain the same person that you have always been and always will be. Still, you can improve yourself all the time. By reaching your fitness goals, you can be sure that you are becoming a better version of yourself.

18. I have come this far and I can continue to progress from here.

If you’re in the middle of your fitness journey, reflect on how far you’ve come. You didn’t work that hard to give up now or to make unhealthy decisions. Use the same determination you had at the beginning to keep moving towards your goal.

19. I am proud of the progress I have made so far on my fitness journey.

You have every right to be proud of yourself on your way to fitness. Every milestone, no matter how small, is an achievement. Being proud of yourself will give you the motivation you need to continue.

20. I will not give up until I have achieved my goal.

Use this motivational affirmation every time you feel the need to give up. You owe it to yourself to keep working hard in order to have the body you imagine.

Final Thoughts on Motivational Affirmations to Help You Exceed Your Fitness Goals

Reaching your fitness goals can be difficult, but it is possible with determination. Keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve and use these motivational affirmations to help you.

Remember that the closer you get to your goal, the better you will feel. Healthy choices are always worth making so you can reach your goals. Remember these motivational affirmations to help you in times of uncertainty or struggles.


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