EcoMerchant has new products!

Huzzah! we found some really awesome products. There are a number of items in EcoMerchant worth featuring today, so let us get to the list as soon as possible!

Number 1 item is…

Cycling Classic Helmet Sunbrim

The Da Brim Cycling Vintage helmet visor is made for maximal UPF50+ sun protection coverage. The greatest of our bicycle helmet visor models, the Da Brim Cycling Vintage provides broad 360° sun protection. Use our helmet visor with virtually any bike helmet to increase your satisfaction of a ride within the cool comfort of shade.

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Cycling Classic Helmet Sunbrim

The second item on our list for today is PRO Tech & PRO Tech Lite Construction Hat Brims.

Da Brim’ made to fit the newest construction helmet standard replacing the old hardhat.

Both PRO DaBrims offer UPF50+ color for construction and work-at-height helmets.

The Lite variation additionally makes use of a lighter fat textile, weighs less, and offers added visibility by having an ANSI 107-2010 compliant fluorescent yellow and 3M reflective trim. By having a low profile crown, the Da Brim PRO Tech Lite allows business logos become prominently presented regarding the helmet & a structured brim keeps associates looking sharp. A contoured brim with a 1 ½” fall at the straight back adds excellent sunlight security to your helmet and helps keep you more content while training into the hot sun. A water-resistant brim keeps rain and snowfall off your arms.

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PRO Tech & PRO Tech Lite Construction Hat Brims

For the 3rd product on the list for today is Da Brim Equestrian Petite Helmet Brim Attachment 🥰
An inferior version of Da Brim’s highly popular Equestrian Endurance helmet visor, the Da Brim Equestrian Petite fits smaller rider structures and will be offering better performance in windy conditions. Add some design to your helmet because of the Equestrian Petite by Da Brim!

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Da Brim Equestrian Petite Helmet Brim Attachment

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