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15 Behaviors That Can Help You Release Repressed Emotions


Having pent-up emotions is one of the heaviest burdens you will carry in this life. Do you have an emotional baggage that you just can’t seem to get over? When the past binds you, you cannot move towards your future and the purpose of your existence.

Your past is not a prison sentence. So why do you let me keep you in chains? Unfortunately, there are ways to get rid of all these pent-up negative emotions so that you can be happier and live a healthy life. If you think it’s impossible to let go of feelings from the past, you need to retrain your brain to think and respond differently.

Fifteen ways to get rid of repressed emotions

If you’re ready to make some changes, you should know that it won’t be easy, but it can be done. Some people find solace in self-pity because it gives them an excuse not to move on or do something about it.

Today can be a new beginning as you develop new behaviors and habits that will transform your life. Here are the top 15 ways to help you get rid of these pent-up emotions.

1. Laugh more

Have you ever been around someone cheerful? Happy people often smile, laugh constantly, and it is a pleasure to be around.

Do you know what else is special about these happy people? They have a contagious personality. It’s hard to feel bad when you laugh, and when you smile, you help ward off negativity.

2. Cry

Many people thought that crying was a sign of weakness in earlier times. However, psychology has shown that this is not true. Having a good sobbing session can be very cleansing for the soul.

When you release all those pent-up emotions, you are letting go of the things that worry you.

3. Seek advice

When the emotional load you carry is too heavy, it helps to talk to someone. Counseling is a great tool because it gives you third-party opinion. Having someone on the outside looking in can help you put things in perspective.

4. Stop overthinking

Do you tend to overthink things? Stop over-analyzing all the little insignificant details. If your spouse cheated on you, you may punish yourself by thinking about what you could have done differently to change the situation.

Stop blaming yourself for things that are out of your control. Sure, your relationship may not have been the best, but it’s never a reason to cheat on someone. When you think too much about every little detail, you will go crazy.

5. Exercise

When you’re feeling stressed or excited about your life, exercise at the gym. Did you know that burning calories and sweating can also help you feel better? Harvard Health Publishing did an article on how moving can improve depression.

Even if you use the stairs instead of the elevator at work, it can dramatically impact you. Exercise is the key to mental health, and many studies now support these claims. The key to resolving those pent-up emotions is to move your body more.

6. Keep a journal to get out of repressed emotions

The journal has been made in some methods since the beginning of time. While it is no longer necessary to record the events of your life on rock walls, it is beneficial to write things down. Use your pencil and paper to bring out those pent-up feelings that are keeping you from fulfilling your purpose.

If you are having a difficult time, keep a journal about it. When you write in a journal, you are taking out all those negativities without involving anyone else. Do you remember keeping a journal as a kid to journal your deepest and darkest secrets?

Well, keeping a journal is the same as the precious journal you kept as a child.

7. Meditate

Meditation is a beautiful way to help clear your mind of the negativity that is holding you back. When you meditate, you are freeing your mind of all the sadness that prevents you from moving on. The good news is that you can meditate anywhere when you feel overwhelmed by your emotions.

If you are driving down the road and crying from past injuries, pull over to the side and meditate to be under control. It is best to use guided meditation until you learn how to do it without a guide, which will come in time.

8. Practice forgiveness

Has someone hurt you so deeply that you can’t get over it? Try to forgive them instead of blaming them. When you forgive, you release the event that happened to you to move on with your life. Forgiveness is not about them; it’s about finding the cure for yourself.

9. Ask for forgiveness

Perhaps the events in your life have caused you to do something that you regret. When you have hurt others with your words or actions, then you need apologize. His activities often prevent him from moving forward while living in regret, but he must learn to forgive himself.

10. Try symbolic cleanliness

Token cleanings are extremely popular for many reasons. To perform such a ritual, write a letter to the person or circumstances holding you captive. Once the letter is written, go out and burn it while asking the Universe for help in overcoming these matters.

Many people say that they are relieved when they perform these cleansing rituals. There are other methods of doing these cleansings, such as putting a letter in a time capsule and burying it.

11. Turn your attention to the positive things

If you think about negative things all the time, you will be a negative person. However, if you focus on positive things, you will have a more optimistic outlook. It takes a lot of work to see the glass as half full rather than half empty, but you can retrain your brain for a positive outlook.

12. Learn to let go

Stop beating yourself up for past mistakes. If you allow some situations, it will destroy you. Repressed feelings can eat away at your well-being like cancer. However, it would be helpful if you learned to let things slide.

When old thoughts or feelings appear, you need to counter them with something positive. As your mind begins to wander to the areas you want to release, remember that you no longer live there and that you have moved on. Stop whining about spilled milk. Cleaning up the clutter, releasing it was a common mistake and moving on.

13. Plan a future from repressed emotions

When you stop thinking about the past, you can look to the future. An ancient writing wrote that when people do not have a vision, they perish. If you can’t look beyond your current situation to the future, you will stagnate.

Have you ever seen a body of water that has no movement? This is often seen in the southern swamps. The water accumulates and does not receive enough oxygen, so it stagnates. You will see that it turns green as bacteria and other fungi accumulate.

Your soul looks a lot like this water. If you do not make plans and have some movement, it will become obsolete and will exist. There is not much life in these swampy waters because they are not fit for habitation.

Having a dream and vision for your future refreshes you and gives you a reason to move on.

14. Create a positive mantra

Developing a positive mantra is a great way to release repressed emotions and become a new you. Start by changing your attitude. Did you know that a year equals 365 possibilities and those are more opportunities to do something different?

When self-doubt invades your mind, use a positive mantra to combat it. Say things like:

  • “No lazy artist has ever made a masterpiece.”
  • “When I get out of my comfort zone, I will accomplish great things.”
  • “The greatest journey of my life begins with a small step.”

A mantra is not just something you quote, but something you learn to live with.

15. Participate in personal care

Self care It is so essential to your overall well-being. You need to take care of yourself and be good at your job, parenting, and relationships. According to an article written on this topic by Southern New Hampshire UniversityWhen you take care of yourself, you reduce your risk of heart disease and burnout.

Final thoughts on how to let go of repressed feelings

Unstable emotions become imprisoned in your body where they grow and worsen, sapping your strength, leading to exhaustion, emotional disparity, and ultimately illness. When you habitually repress emotions, you generate toxicity in the mind and body. You are an emotional creature by design and you need to let these feelings escape.

How many times did your parents tell you that you needed to be seen and not heard? The best thing would be for you to learn to leave past emotions behind to live a happy and healthy life.


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