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Woman Loses Weight Through Dedication and Determination


When someone loses weight, they go through a great transformation not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. The weight loss process involves shedding many layers and digging deeper to discover your true potential. A woman’s desire for this transformation led her to lose over 135 pounds naturally. Now, use social media to inspire others with health and fitness tips.

Alyssa set a goal and kept it

Alyssa Cross began her journey in May 2019 weighing in at around 450 pounds, determined to get her health in order. She says being able to do more with her daughter gave her the motivation to keep going. Becoming a new mom changed her perspective and made her wish for something better for herself. In just 18 months, she lost nearly 140 pounds, giving her new freedom and more opportunities for herself and her daughter.

“I wanted to be able to ride roller coasters or take my daughter ice skating in the winter. I only had one goal in mind and I knew I needed to change my life. “

While Alyssa knew she would face a lot of struggles, she decided to take the plunge anyway. He realized that as his health improved, other areas of his life would begin to change as well. Furthermore, she wanted to challenge herself by creating goals and achieving them with determination and willpower.

“I really wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, and over time, I started to get better at the movements,” she said. “That prompted me to keep going.”

“I could really see my results. I was so proud, ”Alyssa said. That’s right! “I had a goal of losing 45 kilos in 1 year of exercise. When I turned 1, I actually lost 10 pounds more than my goal, which was 100 pounds. But I lost 110 pounds in 12 months, which was crazy in itself. “

Here’s Alyssa’s advice for anyone looking to get in shape:

“Take the step, small steps even if you have to, it doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter how long it takes, ”he says. “One step a day. You literally crawl before you walk and you walk before you run. So, don’t be discouraged and always take the plunge. “

When someone loses weight It always feels so good to remember how far you’ve come! Often times, taking that first small step can be overwhelming, but it gives you the impetus to stick with your new routine. Many people who start a weight loss journey say they start to feel like exercising. You just need to overcome the mental barriers that try to keep you in your comfort zone.

According to an article in Harvard Health Publishing, losing just 5% of your body weight dramatically improves your health. So if you weigh 150 pounds, that would equate to losing 7.5 pounds. If you lose the recommended amount of one to two pounds a week, you could easily reach that goal in a month or two.

When a person loses weight, they often experience the following benefits over time:

Reduction of stomach acidity.

When you lose weight, it relieves the pressure around the stomach, which reduces heartburn. Carrying extra pounds puts pressure on the abdomen, often causing stomach acid to back up into the esophagus. This uncomfortable feeling is known as acid reflux or heartburn.

Less pressure on the joints.

Being overweight also puts a lot of pressure on your joints. According to the article, every extra pound you weigh puts about 4 pounds of stress on your knee joints. So if a 150-pound person actually weighs 140 pounds, they have 40 pounds of additional pressure on their knees. If that person lost 5% of their weight, they would remove 30 pounds of pressure.

Low blood pressure.

The risk of have high blood pressure triples for an obese or overweight person. However, by losing just one pound, you can lower your blood pressure by one point. So if the 150-pound person in our example lost 5% of their weight, that would equal an 8 point decrease.

Reduced risk of diabetes.

When you gain weight, your risk of developing diabetes increases because your body cannot process insulin properly. Fat stores calories and chemicals called adipokines, which cause inflammation and can affect insulin sensitivity. Therefore, the more fat you have, the more of these chemicals your body will store. When someone loses weight, however, they reduce these chemicals, improving insulin sensitivity and lowering the risk of diabetes.

Improved sleep.

Many people report that they do not sleep well or have trouble sleeping if they carry extra weight. Losing weight optimizes your sleep, so you’ll need less to feel rejuvenated. Being overweight means that your body needs more energy to recover, so you will need more sleep.

Extra energy.

As we said earlier, the more you weigh, the more energy your body needs to function. Losing weight releases your energy, allowing you to accomplish more and have a clearer mindset while doing it.

Better self-esteem.

Not only will you feel better physically, but your self-image will also improve. When we look good, we feel good and you may notice this positive weight loss benefit right away.

Final thoughts: Take small steps if you have to, but never give up on your weight loss goals.

Alyssa’s story proves that no matter where you are in life, you can change the narrative. You can always choose something better for yourself and use your willpower to accomplish your goals. Losing weight will transform your life, mindset, and physical health.

When someone loses weight, they begin to feel empowered and strong when they once felt desperate and weak. Your mental health improves because your body releases endorphins during each workout, increasing dopamine and serotonin. Your physical health improves because you are eliminating toxins, toning your muscles, and burning fat. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you start a fitness journey, so why not start today?



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