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With Time to Pursue New Hobbies, 6 in 10 Have ‘Leveled Up’ – And 40% Think They’ll Make Money From it


Many people have mastered their hobbies thanks to the isolation provided by a pandemic year of life.

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Six in 10 Americans say they have “leveled up” in one of their hobbies since the lockdown began, according to a new survey.

The survey of 2,000 adults found that 60% improved their skills in one or more of their hobbies since the COVID-19 quarantines began last March, and that 56% hope to be an “expert” when life returns. to normal.

And that also includes new hobbies. Respondents did an average of three new activities and mentioned improvements in active hobbies such as running or yoga (35%), preparing food (34%), and making art by painting, drawing, or drawing (34%).

The survey asked people to use a standardized proficiency proficiency scale to rank their past and current skills related to new hobbies.

The typical respondent said that at the beginning of their quarantine, they would have classified themselves as a 1, which means they had a functional awareness or basic knowledge of the activity. Ten months later, the typical respondent now rates himself a 3, which means he has intermediate skills.

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So how do you know that you have improved at something? Of those surveyed, 48% say they make fewer mistakes or can correct them more easily; 45% said they work faster and more efficiently; and 45% said they had noticed mental improvements, such as better memory or concentration.

Carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Silhouette america, respondents also shared some of their proudest hobby accomplishments over the past year, such as knitting a blanket for the first time, mastering a new recipe, or holding a conversation in a foreign language.

“I built a new dresser from scratch for my daughter,” said one of the respondents. “I wanted a large dresser with some designs carved into the wood to personalize it. I felt like it was an achievement because she gave me great approval and said it was exactly what she wanted. “

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25% of those surveyed even said they have received an award, prize, or money for their hobby since the quarantine began, and 40% think it is “very” or “extremely likely” that they can earn money from their hobby once. quarantine over.

“Mastering a new skill or trade feels empowering,” said Toshiyuki Unaki, Silhouette America Marketing Officer. “It allows a person to take pride in what they are capable of achieving, which can translate into greater confidence in other areas of their life. When you can take on learning something new, it feels like you can take on anything. “

Now, more than half (57%) of respondents are eager to get better at something new, and 51% are inspired to try something that previously seemed intimidating.

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Overall, the average respondent has spent $ 165 on their hobbies since the nationwide closings began in March 2020.

However, 42% also bought a tool that they were not yet skilled enough to use.

“More than ever, I have come to realize how wonderful it is to have some great tools that are versatile enough to use in my various hobbies,” said craft expert Kelly Wayment. “Something like a digital cutting machine may seem intimidating at first, but the time spent learning how to use it is worth it when I can use it for so many different crafts.”

More than half of those surveyed have bought new tools for their current hobby that they didn’t even know existed before, including knitting looms, pom pom makers, resin molds, yarn winders, cutting machines, and more.

Do something active (golf, running, yoga) – 35%
Food preparation (baking, cooking) – 34%
Make art (draw, paint, draw) – 34%
Fiber arts (weaving, embroidery, sewing) – 28%
Play an instrument – 28%
Speak a language – 28%
Scrapbook or paper crafts: 23%
Model or miniature building – 21%
Photography, videography or editing: 17%
Sculpture or ceramics – 17%

Let us know what hobbies you’ve had in the past year in the comments …


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