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Wise Woman Shares an Inspiring Message About Knowing Your Self-Worth


Knowing your self-esteem can help you unlock your full potential and discover endless possibilities. However, seeing yourself in a new light requires courage and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. For most of us, the process happens gradually over time and requires a lot of internal reflection.

For Celeste Frenette, it took a momentous event for her to realize her worth. It all started on a cold and rainy November night.

“I ran out of the house in the rain, sobbing and shaking,” he says. “I already had. This time, I was going to go. He yelled at me to wait, and I stood there at the end of the driveway while the rain washed over me. “

At this moment, he had to make a decision. She felt empty and tired of hearing the same lies day after day. Promises kept being broken, but she stayed true and hoped things would change. One night, however, Celeste couldn’t take the pain any longer and knew she deserved better.

Her fiancé wouldn’t let her go so easily, after everything they’d been through. He ran up to her with an engagement ring and proposed in the driveway. He told her that he didn’t want anyone else, but still, the words seemed hollow.

“When I was a child I dreamed of what it would be like to be loved. That someone choose me to get engaged, get married, have a family, have a home, “he said. “It really wasn’t how I thought it would be.”

At that moment, she didn’t know what to say. He had waited years to hear someone say “marry me”, but he imagined it differently in his head. She didn’t want someone to bribe her with a proposal just to keep her from leaving.

Knowing your self-esteem sometimes means losing it completely

She saw only two possible paths she could take. One path would lead her to marry him, of course. They had been together for 10 years since high school, so marriage seemed like the next step for them. After all, he wanted to marry her and she and her family loved him.

“And there was a path to the right where I would turn around, leave and never look back,” Celeste said. “Where I would not tolerate another lie, and instead of choosing him, I would choose me. That road scared me, it felt dark, unclear and unfamiliar. “

In his head, he imagined this path to be lonely, painful, and loveless. She never thought she could end up being beautiful and liberating. Perhaps she would really feel happier taking this path.

However, at that moment, he chose to take the safe route.

“I still didn’t know that in life I would get more than anything I said yes to,” says Celeste. “Over the years, our marriage was filled with more heartbreak. I came to many crossroads, and each time I held my breath, waves of knowledge rushed through my body and I pushed them down. “

He kept choosing the path to the left, the safe path, even though it caused him so much pain. For her, it felt like the only option, because she didn’t know what awaited her on the other road. His unhappy marriage drained his energy, but he looked familiar. However, the alarm bells continued to ring. She learned that know that your self-esteem comes with doubts that one must move on.

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, I found myself standing by the kitchen sink, sobbing, gasping for air, with pneumonia filling my lungs … the pain of abandoning myself overwhelmed me.”

The pain of taking the path to the left had finally caught up with her.

Celeste had reached her breaking point at last

“For 16 years, I kept telling myself that it would be okay. I pushed it, ”he said.

She told herself that it could have been worse and that things would get better soon. However, all the pain built up inside her, and her body kept reminding her that she really wasn’t okay.

“This road that felt safer was not safe for me,” Celeste realized. “Everything that I had suppressed for years began to rise up, demanding to be seen until I was in the hospital and could barely breathe.”

The path less followed may be the right one to know your self-esteem.

During this time, he had days when I felt like giving up. Each breath seemed more painful than the last. She felt regret and anguish suffocate her.

“My body was showing me what my heart already knew. A nurse sat next to me one day; She looked me in the eye and said, ‘You need to want to breathe. You have to fight for yourself. ‘

However, Celeste no longer knew what she was fighting for. In her head, her life was over and she felt that her daughter deserved a better example. He would never want his daughter to be trapped in a marriage like hers.

Celeste said this:

“I was at a crossroads again, but this time, I needed to choose a different path. Not the safe one, not the easy one, but the right one. I would not survive the one I was one. “

His intuition screamed loud and clear, and he knew what he had to do. He found his inner strength and breathed despite the pain in his chest.

“I decided that the time of abandoning myself was over. My daughter will meet a mother who is not afraid of the truth, who keeps her promises. That she loves herself enough to rewrite her story and that she makes the same decisions for herself that she would make for the person most precious to her. “

Knowing your self-esteem means choosing yourself, even if it scares you

“Our lives are not already written, they are being written. I’m writing mine right now, and it’s not finished yet, ”says Celeste.

We all come to a crossroads at some point in our lives. We can choose the path on the left that is safe and familiar to us, where we do not have to change. However, to stay here, we have to give up our power, our inner fire.

“When you look to the right, it may be dimly lit, it may be scary, but at your core you know it is freedom. If you are at a crossroads in your life right now, take a deep breath. Your birthright is in these elections. These big and small daily choices Make up your life story, and the decisions may be difficult, but they are yours. At any given moment, you have it within you to choose differently. “


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