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A scheme that ‘pampers’ NHS workers reached a milestone of 1000 boxes

PamperaidAn initiative that supports NHS workers by sending them boxes of goodies, has created 1,000 such boxes since the scheme was launched in the first Covid-19 shutdown in 2020.

It was launched by Rebecca Broad, who runs Pamperaid in conjunction with her full-time job in the charity sector. Businesses donate to the scheme, which started with 100 boxes distributed locally near Broad’s home in London. They were so well received that she continued the project, and the boxes have now gone to dozens of NHS hospitals, hospices, GP surgeries and walk-in centers across the UK.

Each contains items, from beauty products to wellness products, and from art to baking, to help recipients take time off from their stressful jobs.

“We didn’t want to hang up our pampering gloves and end what we thought was beneficial to so many people,” Broad told Positive News.

Image: Pamperaid



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