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Walking Through the Doorway of Change – How to Thrive Through Uncertainty


This is an excerpt from Thriving Through Uncertainty: Overcoming Fear of the Unknown and Making Change Work for You By Tama Kieves …

Michael Baron

You may feel like things are challenging at this point in your life. But let’s clear this up right now. It is not because you are failing or broken.

The door

You are standing at the door. On one side of the door, you may decide that life has not turned out your way. It is unfair. It is very difficult. Maybe the same thing keeps happening to you, or not.

You may feel anxious or discouraged. You have no real money. Stable true love. The recognition or freedom that you deserve. Sometimes it almost works, but then it rains. Work is removed.

A part of you knows, it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is a life that “is happening to you.” This perspective denies your own power. I am not debasing your feelings of frustration. It’s just that I have something more useful in mind.

You can go through this door.

You may have to crawl. You may need to breathe more deeply than you have ever taken. You can do it while kicking rocks and cans with resentment, but you do it anyway, giving yourself a chance. You may have to grow. You may have to choose to do things in a way that you have never done before. You may have to become a superhero in your own life.

I want you to enter the life you did not plan. I want you to loosen your grip on everything that you think should happen.

Everything that hasn’t exactly worked out in your life brought you to this wooden door. It is the threshold of goodwill. It is a precipice. It’s an adventure. It’s a cliff. It is a choice. Time to unlock your powers or your destiny. Congratulations, you have arrived.

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Uncertainty is your new best friend. It will help you discover your certainty. It will help you to achieve freedom. Because when you let go of your plan, you open yourself to a powerful path, the path of being guided. It is the beginning of your True Life, that of following your inspired instincts instead of your fear.

This requires courage. Or despair. Or curiosity. Or ambivalence. I don’t care how you get here. Let’s just do this. Let’s start this second. Let’s give life a new chance. It is the only life you have. I’d say bet your life on that.

You are growing beyond where you have been. Your life is not diminishing. Your old life is diminishing. Your true life is expanding. He is crying out for your love and commitment. You may think you are stuck. I would say that you are standing on a threshold.

Things change when you decide to prosper

Where is the uncertainty that causes you discomfort? Does it make you feel small? Or making you play small in your life? That’s where they fool you. You are letting the circumstances of your life define who you are.

Oh but butterfly-grasshopper-lover of transformation, you are here to define (or redefine) your circumstances. You are the narrator of your life. And you are here to live a Great Story with a happy medium and a happy ending.

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Because as you present yourself to your true desires, life shows itself for you. You feel alive when you show up. You feel crushed and empty when you don’t. You may have your “reasons”. But it does not matter. Anything that prevents you from appearing is poison.

Why do some people keep going? Why do some people come up with creative angles that immediately catch your eye? Why do some people find the right connection? Or bounce back from setbacks? Finding the right doctor? Get financing? Do you know that amazing partner? Get the breaks? Do you enjoy where they are, no matter the circumstances?

They have mastered the art of presenting themselves with love for their lives. Acting with love. Choose with love. Sparkly. Have that something extra. They are not forcing their lives. They are discovering them. Working with your own spirit, rather than against it.

I am sensitive this way, because I have almost given up or settled down, I have lost my own fight against anxieties and frustration too many times. And it is unbearable for me to think about the life that I would have lost, and I don’t want you to lose the life that is calling you.

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I know what it is like to have everything change and have to make your life out of thin air and fight tumultuous fears to do so. It took a different voice within me to create a different life.

I just couldn’t find my way in the world. First I had to find myself. I found myself learning to listen to a loving voice within me. It has been a quantum shift in how I think and approach everything in life. When I started, I thought I was going through a massive career transition. But that career transition turned out to be an identity transformation. It has been a spiritual pilgrimage of getting rid of old, limiting and “rational” beliefs. I couldn’t have a different life until I realized that I was so much more than I thought I was. We all are.

Now I have been a career, life and success coach for almost 30 years. I have also worked with thousands in workshops and retreats. Having sat with people on the borders of their most urgent moments in relationships, work, health, true desire, pain, and everything in between, I know firsthand the fundamental difference it makes when we change the way we see. our chances.

You have a process

If you are in transition, the things you decide now will affect your entire life. And since you are going through a change, you feel more vulnerable. And when you feel weak, it is possible to make weaker decisions than you really want to make. I want to help you choose between strength, love, and the amazing guidance of your inspired mind. Because when your plans fail, that’s when your real life begins. This is a precious opportunity to create the life that is calling your name right now.

Fears and resistance will deter you from presenting yourself in every possible way. But showing yourself will end your pain.

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Jen, my yoga teacher, once said, “You think you are encountering obstacles in your way. But obstacles are your way. “Now of course she is a yoga instructor specializing in leading people to physical torture for a living, while sharing philosophy, so there it is. But I have shared this same wisdom with My clients: Anything that gets in your way is your way Because your life is your life It’s not an accident It’s a miracle.

If you and I were working together one by one, I assure you that you have a path. It is already within you. It is better than you imagine. In fact, it’s so much better, you can’t imagine it. It’s time to follow your innate intelligence, encourage it rather than doubt it.

You’re not just going to change your circumstances. You are about to change your identity. You may be thinking, that’s great, but can I pay the mortgage? Can I help my child stop drinking? Can I find a publicist for my job? Can I find another job? And I’ll tell you that you can. I’m more.

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” It is time to realize that you have no problem. You have a process. You are in transformation. And that means you are moving into the next and best part of your life.

Every circumstance you find yourself in is a chosen conversation designed for your good. There is a smell to follow. The wind pushes you in the right direction or whispers what is necessary. Rain is a wild and unbridled priest who drenches your existence in holy water. Everything is in your favor. The moments of realizing this are worth a lifetime. It is really one thing to be alive. Another thing is to be awake.

This is what it means to thrive through uncertainty. This is what it means to show up for your life. Go through this door.

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