Virgo Horoscope January 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

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Welcome to January, Virgo, and a brand new year. You’re the healer of the zodiac, and at the end of December, self-care never felt better. It’s always crucial, but it was especially important to give yourself a little extra attention to combat pandemic-related holiday stress. This theme continues, with emphasis on how you communicate your needs with others because your ruling planet, Mercury, is going to be busy. Before the first Mercury retrograde of the year at the end of the month, the planet moves into logical Aquarius on Friday, January 8. This lights up your 6th House of Health, reminding you to continue prioritizing your well-being. Because this transit is lead by communicator Mercury, it’s never been more important to self-advocate. Stay in tune with your needs and don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself.

Mercury isn’t the only planet making moves on Friday, January 8. Lover planet Venus enters hardworking Capricorn and your 5th Hosue of Pleasure. This sounds like a good thing, and it is. It’s true that whether you’re trying to date during a pandemic or have been attempting to maintain your long-term relationship in these scary times, it’s likely been challenging. But with this transit, the universe is ready to bless you with love. Are you ready to receive it? 

Uranus has been retrograde since last August, bringing out your inner humanitarian. Whether it was by handing out masks, phone-banking before the election, offering emotional support to loved ones, or protesting systemic racism, it’s likely that you’ve spent some time this past year working hard to care for your community. When the planet goes direct on Thursday, January 14, some of the pressure to be so active about the causes you care about may relax, but don’t stop checking in on loved ones and those in need. 

When independent Aquarius season begins on Tuesday, January 19, this new energy may cause you to worry for the safety of others when it comes to COVID-19. It doesn’t help that your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde in the same some starting Saturday, January 30, triggering the tendency you sometimes have to over-analyze people and situations. Try your best to remember that you can’t control everything and everyone. The world will always be a chaotic place, but you can set an example for others by taking care of yourself. Stay safe and see you next month. 

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We know many of you may be feeling worried, frightened, or isolated right now. Although the stars don’t have answers to the multitude of questions running through all of our minds, astrology may at least provide some comfort during times of uncertainty. We urge you to donate to one or all of these organizations if you’re able to. If you can’t, we created a guide to ways you can support the BLM movement other than financially.

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