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Top Cities For Digital Nomads Looking to Work While Traveling the World


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COVID-19 chased millions of traditionally office and computer-based workers into remote work situations, a place many, especially young people, were trying to get to early on.

The revelation of how many office functions can be performed at home is opening up the option for many to travel the world between business days, a lifestyle known as digital nomadism.

Digital nomads are growing in numbers as technology advances, both in terms of the software they use to work and in terms of the countries they visit. The digital nomad brand and business are coveted, and recently the Portuguese government turned an entire community on the beautiful island of Madeira into a “digital nomad village. “

Recently, an Italian company conducted a large-scale analysis of 75 major cities around the world and ranked them based on a variety of factors related to the digital nomad, such as average Wi-Fi speed, average rental cost, security. , the burden of government, climate and air quality, and more.

He called the “Work rate from anywhere,”It was put together by an international leasing agency based in Italy, and for digital nomads it provides a good overview of known possibilities as well as opening up new ones.

“The past year has really shown many companies that remote working is not only a possibility, but it is actually something that can be beneficial to everyone involved,” said Omer Kucukdere, CEO and founder of Nest Pick.

With a score of 1 to 100, 16 categories are added to create the index. The number one destination for remote workers in all categories was Melbourne, Australia, a city that in addition to being bright, fun, free and relatively less expensive than other global metropolises, has a special entry visa for digital nomads.

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Other cities that have digital nomad or remote work visas include Dubai, Medellin in Colombia, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Tallinn in Estonia, and Athens in Greece.

The Icelandic capital of Reykjavik had the highest score for internet speed and nearly the highest across the board for religious or sexual freedom, but overall it was ranked 23rd due in large part to the high taxes there.

In contrast, Dubai has 0 taxes on foreigners and was ranked No. 2 overall. In terms of the cost of renting an apartment, St. Petersburg ranks second lowest, while it also ranks second lowest in tax burden. The interesting conclusions could continue.

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When someone realizes that the world is their oyster and they don’t need a desk, an office, or a suit to go to work, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you could go anywhere, deciding where you would go could be really difficult.

The work-from-anywhere index can make all that indecision a little easier.

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