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Thousands Apply to Be Caretakers on Remote Irish Island


If you love wild nature and rustic life, this could be the job of your dreams.

Great Blasket Island – Facebook

For the second year in a row, owners of a cafe and four rental cabins on Great Blasket Island are looking for an intrepid duo to take on concierge duty during the tourist season from April 1 to October 1.

According to owners Billy O’Connor and his partner Alice Hayes, last year they received more than 40,000 applications for the coveted concert, from as far away as Mexico, Finland and Argentina.

Lying off the coast of County Kerry in Ireland, the secluded island is a hiker’s paradise during the height of summer, with hundreds of visitors daily.

Caregivers will receive lodging, food, and splendid views of some of Mother Nature’s most spectacular coastal scenery.

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“It’s absolutely fantastic that so many people want to come here,” O’Connor said. The Irish Examiner, “But many did not realize what the living conditions are like.”

Great Blasket Island – Facebook

It refers to the fact that there is no electricity or hot running water on the island. That means anyone who gets the job will have to go with the flow.

Since they will be living in a master bedroom above the cafeteria, O’Connor and Hayes believe that a couple would be ideal for the situation. The tasks basically involve managing the cafeteria and maintaining the vacation cabins.

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Since much of the local tourism is weather dependent, and it rains heavily in Ireland, there can also be long periods of inactivity. (The daily schedule is detailed on the website). Also, when it gets hectic in June and July, one or two volunteers will be staying in a second bedroom upstairs.

To narrow the field of entry, this year they are asking potential caregivers to make sure they meet the criteria. posted on the website before completing the application. Applications will be accepted, here, until January 22.

While acknowledging that due to COVID-19 considerations, this year’s caregivers will likely be Irish (as were the previous two couples), O’Connor and Hayes will consider all viable requests, hoping to open the opportunity to more. candidates from abroad.

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