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This Week’s Inspiring Horoscopes From Rob Brezsny’s ‘Free Will Astrology’


Our friend Rob Brezsny provides his weekly wisdom to enlighten our thinking and motivate our mood. Rob’s Free Will Astrology, is a weekly syndicated column that appears in over a hundred publications. He is also the author of Pronoia is the antidote to paranoia: how all of creation is conspiring to shower you with blessings. (A free preview of the book is available here.)

Here’s your weekly horoscope …

FREE WILL ASTROLOGY – Week beginning February 27, 2021
Copyright by Rob Brezsny,

PISCES (from February 19 to March 20):
Pisces author Anais nin he was a master of metamorphosis, a virtuoso of variation, an adept of alteration. He viewed its incessant evolution as a privilege and a luxury, not an oppressive inconvenience. “I enjoy my transformations,” he wrote. “I seem calm and consistent, but few know how many women are in me.” His approach is a healthy model for most of you Pisceans, and will be especially worth embracing in the weeks ahead. I invite you to be a change specialist whose nickname is Flux Mojo.

ARIES (March 21 to April 19):
I invite you to think of one or two types of physical ailments and symptoms to which your body seems most susceptible. In the following, I encourage you to ponder the possibility that there are specific moods or feelings associated with these complaints and symptoms, perhaps caused or caused by them. The next step is to formulate the intention to monitor any interactions that may occur between bodily and emotional states. Then make a plan for how you will approach both of them with your own healing power each time they visit in the future.

TAURUS (from April 20 to May 20):
Poet Billy collins describes “standing on the edge of a lake on a moonlit night and the moonlight is always pointing directly at you.” I have high hopes that your whole life will be like this in the coming weeks: that you feel that the world is alive with special messages just for you; that every situation you find yourself in will feel like you belong there; that each intuition that springs from your subconscious mind to your conscious awareness will be specifically what you need by the time it arrives.

GEMINI (from May 21 to June 20):
You are entering a potentially heroic phase of your astrological cycle. The next few weeks will be a time when you’ll hopefully be motivated to elevate your integrity and flawlessness to record levels. For inspiration, I have taken some statements from a moral code that was supposedly written by a samurai warrior from the 14th century. Try saying them and see if they encourage you to further improve your good character. 1. “I have no divine power; I make honesty my divine power “. 2.” I have no miracles; I make right action my miracle. ” 3. “I have no enemy; I make carelessness my enemy. “4.” I have no designs; I make ‘seize the opportunity’ my design. ” 5. “I have no magic secrets; I make character my magic secret “. 6.” I have no armor; I make benevolence and justice my armor. “

CANCER (from June 21 to July 22):
“The only way to live is by accepting every minute as an unrepeatable miracle,” writes the Cancer author and Buddhist teacher. Jack kornfield. I do not agree with him. There are many other modes of consciousness that can be helpful as we navigate our labyrinthine path through this crazy world. Consider every minute as an opportunity to learn something new, for example: it is a great way to live. Or, for another example, treat every minute as another opportunity to creatively express our love. But I recognize that Kornfield’s approach is sublime and engaging. And I think it will be especially appropriate for you for the next few weeks.

LEO (July 23 to August 22):
The next few weeks will be a moving and healing time for you to remember the people in your life who have died, as well as the ancestors you never knew or did not know well. They have clues to offer you, rich feelings to nurture you, course corrections to suggest. Get in touch with them through your dreams, meditations, and memories. Now read this inspiration from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke: “They, who died a long time ago, still exist in us, as a predisposition, as a burden on our destiny, as murmuring blood and as a gesture that rises from the depths of time.” (Translation from the German by Stephen Mitchell.)

VIRGO (from August 23 to September 22):
I like the Virgo painter of the 18th century. Quentin de La Tour. Why? 1. He specialized in creating portraits that highlighted the charm and intelligence of his subjects. 2. As he got richer, he became a philanthropist specializing in helping poor women and artists with disabilities. 3. Whereas most of the painters of his time made solemn, even heavy, self-portraits, De La Tour’s self-portraits showed him smiling and in good humor. 4. Later in life, when being completely reasonable was no longer a top priority, de La Tour enjoyed chatting with trees. In keeping with astrological omens, I propose that we make him your patron saint for now. I hope you are inspired to take advantage of your inner Quentin de la Tour.

LIBRA (from September 23 to October 22):
I’m not saying there is something wrong with your overall health, Libra; in fact, I hope it is probably quite adequate, but from an astrological point of view, now is the right time to schedule an appointment for a consultation with your favorite healer. even if only with Zoom. Also, I urge you to consult with a soul doctor for a complete metaphysical checkup. Chances are, your mental health is in good shape too. But right now it is not enough that your body and soul are simply adequate; they need to receive intense doses of well-wrought love and affection. So I urge you to ask for omens, signs, and dreams of precisely what you can do to treat yourself with exquisite care.

ESCORPION (from October 23 to November 21):
“Love dominates a vast army of moods,” writes the author. Diane ackerman. “Frantic and serene, vigilant and calm, squeezed and fortified, explosive and calm.” This fact of life will be prominent in your life for the next few weeks. Now is a fertile time to broaden your understanding of how eros and romance work when they are at their best, and to broaden your repertoire of responses to the rich challenges of love. Don’t consider it a difficult test; think of it as an interesting research project.

SAGITTARIUS (from November 22 to December 21):
Sagittarius poet and visual artist William blake (1757-1827) cultivated a close relationship with lofty thoughts and mystical visions. He lived with his wife Catherine for the last 45 years of his life, but there were times when he was so concerned about his incredible creations that he neglected his bond with her. Catherine once said, “I have very little of Mr. Blake’s company. He’s always in paradise. “I hope you won’t be like that in the next few weeks. Practical matters and intimate partnerships need more attention than usual. Consider, for now at least, spending less time in paradise and more. on earth.

CAPRICORN (from December 22 to January 19):
Poet Robert Graves he viewed the ambiguity of poetry as a virtue, not a problem. In his opinion, the inscrutability of poetry reflects the true nature of life. As we read his enigmatic ideas and feelings, we may be inspired to understand that the experience is too complex to reduce to simplistic descriptions and overgeneralized beliefs. In fact, it is quite possible that if we invite poetry to retrain our perceptions, we will develop a more tolerant and inclusive perspective towards everything. I tell you this, Capricorn, because whether or not you read a lot of poetry in the coming weeks, it will be wise and healthy for you to celebrate, not just tolerate, how paradoxical and mysterious the world is.

AQUARIUS (from January 20 to February 18):
The next few weeks will be a favorable time to shed old habits that waste your energy and create new habits that will serve you well for the next several months. To inspire and guide your efforts, I offer these thoughts from the author and naturalist. Henry David Thoreau: “Just as a single step will not make a path on earth, so a single thought will not make a path in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk over and over again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over again the kinds of thoughts that we want to dominate our lives. “

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