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This Week’s Inspiring Horoscopes From Rob Brezsny’s ‘Free Will Astrology’


Our friend Rob Brezsny provides his weekly wisdom to enlighten our thinking and motivate our mood. Rob’s Free Will Astrology, is a weekly syndicated column that appears in over a hundred publications. He is also the author of Pronoia is the antidote to paranoia: how all of creation is conspiring to shower you with blessings. (A free preview of the book is available here.)

Here’s your weekly horoscope …

FREE WILL ASTROLOGY – Week beginning January 29, 2021
Copyright by Rob Brezsny,

AQUARIUS (from January 20 to February 18):
“We all want everything to be okay,” the author writes. David levithan. “We don’t even want the fantastic or wonderful or outstanding so much. We will gladly settle for being okay, because most of the time, okay is enough. “To that mediocre manifesto, I answer, okay. I accept that it is true for many people. But I don’t think it applies to you, Aquarius, in the next few weeks. Based on my assessment of your astrological potentials, if you wish, you may have a series of appointments with the fantastic, the wonderful, and the outstanding. Keep those appointments! Don’t skip them out of shyness or excess of humility.

PISCES (from February 19 to March 20):
DON’T: Don’t keep scratching an old wound until it bleeds. Don’t try to snatch the teddy bear that belongs to the 800-pound gorilla. Don’t try to relieve tension by banging your head against the wall. Don’t try to convince a stone idol to show you cuteness. ASK: Asking supposedly naive questions that can produce liberating revelations. Keep in mind that sometimes things need to be broken a bit before you are motivated to give them all the attention they need and deserve. Put out the fire on a burning bridge and then repair the bridge.

ARIES (March 21 to April 19):
In the 1950 film HarveyJames Stewart plays a middle-aged man named Elwood whose best friend is an invisible tall rabbit named Harvey. The relationship causes problems with the people in Elwood’s life. At one point, a psychiatrist tries to convince him to “grapple with reality.” Elwood responds: “I struggled with reality for 40 years and am happy to say that I finally won.” Glad to tell you this story, Aries, because it’s a good hint for my advice to you: I suspect that one of your long struggles with reality will yield at least a partial victory in the next few weeks. And it will be completely real, unlike Elwood’s Harvey. Congratulations!

TAURUS (from April 20 to May 20):
The light from the pole star takes a long time to reach us, although it travels at 300,000 kilometers per second. The rays he shows us tonight first embarked when Shakespeare was alive on Earth. And yet that glow seems so fresh and pure. Are there any other phenomena in your life that are metaphorically comparable? Perhaps an experience you had months ago that is only now revealing its full meaning? Or a seed you planted years ago that is finally maturing into its mature expression? The next few weeks will be a great time to take inventory of those things, Taurus. It will also be a favorable phase to initiate innovations that will take some time to be fully useful to you.

GEMINI (from May 21 to June 20):
In 1971, astronaut Alan Shepard had the great privilege of landing on the moon in a spacecraft and then walking on the lunar surface. How did you celebrate this epic and holy adventure? Reciting a poignant passage from Shakespeare or the Talmud? Placing a framed photo of Amelia Earhart or a statue of Icarus on the ground? By saying a prayer to your God or thanking the people who helped put it there? Shepard actually hit a golf ball with a golf club. I will ask you not to consider him a role model for the next few weeks. When your holy or high moments come, offer due homage and honor. Be righteously grateful for your blessings.

CANCER (from June 21 to July 22):
William Shakespeare worked with another playwright to create three plays: Henry VIII, The two noble relativesY Cardenio. The lucky collaborator was John fletcher, who was popular and influential in his day. I propose that we name you as one of your role models in 2021. This is why: You will have greater potential to participate in fertile partnerships with allies who are quite worthy of you. I encourage you to be on the lookout for opportunities to thrive through symbiosis and synergy.

LEO (July 23 to August 22):
Canadian journalist Nick Ashdown is amazed that white people in America are so inhibited when it comes to revealing their true feelings. He writes: “How strange that in English, the word ’emotional’ is used in a pejorative way, as if passion implies some kind of weakness.” He marvels that culture seems to “worship indifference” and regards intense expressiveness as inelegant or unprofessional. I am going to encourage you to incorporate a different approach in the coming days. I don’t mean to suggest that you must be a runaway maniac who constantly explodes with intensity. But I hope you take extra steps to respect, explore, and reveal the lively truth about yourself.

VIRGO (from August 23 to September 22):
Virgo actress Ingrid Bergman appeared in three films directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In Notorious, set after the end of World War II, she played the daughter of a Nazi spy. During filming, Bergman had trouble with one scene in particular. She explained her doubts to Hitchcock, saying, “I don’t think I can do that naturally.” Hitchcock seemed receptive to her opinion, but in the end he had an unexpected response: “Okay,” he said. “If you can’t do it naturally, pretend.” I’m going to suggest that you follow Hitchcock’s advice for the next two weeks, Virgo. “Pretend until you make it” is an acceptable approach, probably preferable.

LIBRA (from September 23 to October 22):
The 17th century Libra scholar Thomas browne he had a bright and well-educated mind. He was the author of many books on various subjects, from science to religion, and was second only to Shakespeare in the art of coining new words. However, he had a blind spot. He referred to sex as the “vulgar and trivial form of union” and “the most foolish act a wise man commits in his entire life.” Most of us have pockets of ignorance like that, aspects that qualify as learning disabilities or intellectual black holes. And from time to time, there are times when we benefit from checking for these deficiencies and deciding whether to take further action to correct them. Now is a good time for you.

ESCORPION (from October 23 to November 21):
“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking up to see it,” declares the actor and comedian. Mindy kaling. Is that an unromantic feeling? Perhaps. But more importantly, it is evidence that she treasures her dream. And that is admirable! She is dedicated to giving her body the care it needs to be healthy. Let’s make Kaling your patron saint for now. It is a good time to improve your strategies to take good care of yourself.

SAGITTARIUS (from November 22 to December 21):
We all go through phases in which our brain functions at a higher level than usual. I guess you are about to enjoy one of these moments. In fact, it won’t surprise me if you chain together a series of clever thoughts and actions. I hope you use your enhanced intelligence for important matters, like making practical improvements in your life. Don’t waste it on trivial matters like discussions on Facebook or Twitter.

CAPRICORN (from December 22 to January 19):
Today the Capricorn artist Paul cezanne (1839-1906) is considered an important and influential painter. However, early in his career he was rejected and even ridiculed by critics. One of the reasons was that he loved to make still life paintings, which were considered low art. Of his 584 works, about 200 were of inanimate and everyday objects. Fruit was his specialty. Typically, you could spend 100 separate sessions perfecting a particular apple dish. “Don’t you want to take a vacation painting fruit?” They Asked. In response, he said that simply changing the location of his easel in relation to his subject was almost more arousal than he could bear. That’s the kind of focused and detailed attitude that I hope you will cultivate towards your own works of love over the next few weeks, Capricorn.

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