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This Sassy Iguana Thinks He’s a Supermodel Posing at the Beach – Video


This is the hilarious moment when a yellow pet iguana was basking in the sun on a window sill, looking at the whole world like a bikini model posing on the beach.


The mango-colored reptile lay on its side, flaunting its stomach as its owner watched in amusement in Thailand’s Chonburi province this January.

It even rested on one of his webbed hands. Your position? Well it seems straight out of the pages of Sports Illustrated: The Swimsuit Issue.

Reptile lover Chaiwat Daenglrachang said: “My Mhontong iguana was relaxing in the warm sunlight just like other pet iguanas I have. However, I’ve never seen any of them lying on their side like this one did. “

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Nor have we ever seen such bold behavior in a lizard. Reminds you of someone?

(WATCH Mhontong in her glamorous ‘shoot’ video below).

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