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This Natural Gel Might Soon Be a Holistic—And Cheap— Herbal Answer to Psoriasis Troubles


Using a variety of cumin, scientists in India have patented their innovative herbal gel for the affordable and effective treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis.

The inflammatory skin disorder that causes itchiness and irritation from red, scaly rashes already affects millions of people around the world and the numbers may rise during the pandemic.

Treatments are available on the market today, but existing treatment options, including steroid and UV radiation therapy, tend to be expensive, with possible side effects.

There is still no cure for psoriasis, but scientists at Shoolini University developed a plant-based gel, which contains a natural anti-inflammatory chemical compound that could be considerably cheaper.

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The invention of scientists from the University of Himachal Pradesh contains thymoquinone, a pharmacologically active chemical found in the seeds of the plant. Nigella sativa—Commonly known as black cumin and widely used in Asian cuisine and herbal medicine.

Nigella sativa

Dr. Poonam Negi, Charul Rathore, and Ishita Sharma took advantage of thymoquinone known therapeutic effects in a gel that can provide instant relief from itchy rashes, thereby improving the quality of life for the patient.

AndreHolz Nigella sativa plant and its Mountainhills black cumin seeds – CC license

Sativa oil is traditionally used to treat skin conditions, including psoriatic rashes. But, says Dr. Negi, “This oil contains low levels of thymoquinone, forcing patients to apply large amounts. Our developed gel, however, maintains therapeutically effective thymoquinone concentrations in psoriatic lesions. “

The product was shown to be more effective than oil and has been preclinically tested for efficacy and safety, and clinical trials have not yet been completed.

Increased importance during the pandemic

It’s worth noting that many conventional treatment options for psoriasis, such as steroids, work by suppressing the immune system. This is an issue of great concern, given the current spread of COVID-19, which requires a strong and balanced immune system to fight the infection. Shoolini gel would soothe psoriatic rashes without compromising the immune system.

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The proprietary water-based gel is also attractive now due to its affordability.

Global sales of psoriasis treatments are growing by approximately 7% per year and are expected to reach US $ 13.1 billion by 2025.

Dr. Negi predicts that his therapy would cost less than $ 7 per month for mild psoriasis and less than $ 15 for moderate to severe psoriasis.

They are in stage 2 of product development and told GNN that they are looking for an industrial partner and hope to bring it to market in the next 2 years. We will make sure to post an update when they do.

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