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This Moving Company Now Helps Victims of Domestic Violence Leave Abusive Homes Nationwide At No Cost


A moving company this month announced a new commitment to provide free removals to victims of domestic violence and those currently living in abusive situations.

Since the recent launch of the program, College HUNKS Trash Transportation and Moving He has already completed more than 100 free moves for those fleeing a dangerous situation in the US and Canada.

This new program is even more important as more cities close and victims may end up trapped during the pandemic without help.

“I definitely think our Free Moves for Survivors of Domestic Violence program sheds light on a really important topic that is not talked about often,” College Hunks co-founder Nick Friedman told GNN.

“As a purpose-driven and socially conscious organization, we are always looking for ways to positively impact our communities, in this case, particularly for those who feel powerless in unhealthy home situations.”

Five years ago, another moving company, Meathead Movers, began offering free moves to people in abusive homes. Last year they donated more than $ 150,000 in moving services, partnering with eight domestic violence shelters in central and southern California.

Now College Hunks Hauling is providing the same kind of help at its 131 franchise locations in the US and Canada, offering the use of trucks and labor at no cost.

How to apply

People who need this kind of help should first contact their local domestic violence prevention shelter to notify them of their situation.

A certified domestic violence prevention shelter must approve and coordinate move requests at no cost. through College HUNKS to ensure that the victim is supported throughout the transition.

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Once the qualifications for the free move are confirmed, the sanctioning shelter works in partnership with College Hunks to execute the move in coordination with the local franchise owner and local authorities, as necessary, for the safety of both the victim as well as the College HUNKS team assisting her. .

Beyond domestic violence assistance, College Hunks has also provided trucks to transport COVID-19 testing supplies and other medical equipment, to relocate beds and goods from one hospital to another, and to deliver water to healthcare workers. .

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Additionally, they have also been donating 2 nutritious meals for each completed job to Feeding Children Everywhere, with over 1 million meals donated since the program began.

College HUNKS Trash Transportation and Moving It was originally founded by two college classmates, Omar Soliman and Nick, who began using a rickety pickup truck to haul furniture. HUNKS becomes short for Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, Service.

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