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This High School Opened a Campus Grocery Store–And Students Pay in Good Deeds


When most of us go to the supermarket, we pay with credit cards, cash, and coupons. But for a single grocery store set up in a North Texas high school, the cost of staples is a good deed. And change? Human kindness and valuable life lessons.

Anthony Lane

The unique venture, created with the help of Texas Health, Albertsons, and First Refuge Ministries, has been a blessing to the students, families, and teachers who make up the close-knit community of Linda Tutt High School in Sanger, Texas.

Students buy goods using a point system. The coin is based on completing criteria like helping clean the school and positive reinforcement forms.

“Many of our students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds,” said Anthony Love, the school principal in a interview with CBS. “It is a way for students to acquire the ability to shop for their families. Through hard work, you can earn points for positive referrals to the office. You can earn points for doing chores or helping clean. “

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But in addition to being able to help families deal with food insecurity, students participating in the program on the sales side are also learning about everything from math and supply management to customer service and a strong work ethic. ; lessons that will be very useful when you start looking for your first job.

“We all had our first jobs and he taught us how to work and what you get for your job,” said Sanger Mayor Thomas Muir. “I think this will do that for them too, and [also] satisfy an immediate need. “

Hunter Weertman, the student manager at the grocery store, says you’ve already learned important life skills like budgeting and making good spending decisions based on what you have.

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In addition to partnering with local food drives and other neighborhood initiatives, its founders hope that once the program hits its stride, this good-deed grocery store can serve as a pilot program for other small communities where insecurity Food has become all too common. Lifestyle.

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