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This Guy Missed Traveling and Has Recreated Airplane Meals to Get Through Lockdown


Travel limitations during the pandemic have caused a lot of cabin fever, and an aviation enthusiast in Scotland is easing his frustrations in strange and curious ways.

Pulling out an authentic airplane car, flipping through Instagram airplane photos from past trips, and rolling up his sleeves, Nik Sennhauser has been recreating his favorite airplane meals at home.

While most of us would never imagine feeling nostalgic for airplane food, as a child growing up in a half-Thai, half-Austrian family, traveling for him has always made him feel at home.

Now his aerial map is even more distributed, with his home in Scotland, his sisters in the United States, and a brother in Spain. It all adds up to many bonus miles and has turned Sennhauser into an aviation nerd who saw him land a job in project management and social media that allowed him to travel every 3-4 weeks.

After a year of government lockdowns and travel restrictions, during which she realized that pretending to be on a plane was a common Instagram phenomenon, she started going through her old photos on the weekends, choosing a meal she enjoyed. . and try to cook it with real airplane dinnerware bought online.

“The amazing thing about this is that I have become a better cook, because I had to go research the recipes,” he said. CNN, adding that he had never been a great cook before

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“Meals aren’t just to make Instagram look good; They also have to taste good, because they are actually our Sunday meals, and I have to feed my husband. Therefore, it must be edible. “

Beef stroganoff, beef goulash, Thai curry, smoked salmon and bread dumplings, spätzle, sausage schnitzel, chocolate mousse – he’s made them all, following directions from ANA, Austrian Airlines, Thai Airways, Swiss Airlines, and more.

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He points out that he has become particularly good with desserts and that breakfasts are made primarily from improvisation, but that meals generally need 3 to 4 hours of preparation and cooking time, even when small portions are prepared. typical of airlines.
“You have to keep in mind that you are in a metal tube at 40,000 feet being catapulted through the air and the stewardess is heating a meal in an oven; there is not much they can do,” he said, adding. who does not believe that people like to have only two options.

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Fortunately, as the UK vaccination push progresses, it won’t be much longer until this chef de cuisine can fly again, at least in the UK, and soon maybe elsewhere as well.

Let’s take a look at some of Nik’s recent meals.

Serve Thai red curry for dinner?

And the fritatta for breakfast?

Homemade corn muffins have become Nik’s favorites.

Schnitzel and Bavarian cream on original Lauda Air plates, yes please.

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