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This Cancer Surviving Girl Scout Broke the Record, Selling 32K Boxes of Cookies – With Proceeds Going to Sick Kids


At 8 years old, Lilly Bumpus is already a warrior. As a child, she contracted a rare Ewing sarcoma and won.

The experience left her determined to fight for other children battling cancer. His dream? To show them that they too can be strong.

This year, Lilly took a big step forward to make that dream come true by breaking the record for selling the most boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in a single season – 32,484, to be exact.

That’s a lot of money.

The victory is especially sweet because Lilly will donate a large portion of the proceeds to fund childhood cancer research and to an organization that feeds the homeless.

“She showed our community and the world that she is more than just buying cookies or a product,” said Lilly’s mother, Trish Bauer. The San Bernardino sun.

“It is supporting someone’s dream. Whether it’s a business owner or an 8-year-old throwing Girl Scout cookies, Lilly encouraged people to support a dream and mission, not just a product. “

Lilly Bumpus / Facebook

While the pandemic derailed most of the Girl Scouts’ conventional in-person selling strategies, Lilly’s role as an advocate for cancer awareness had already put her on the social media fast track, so becoming Some kind of online brand ambassador was a piece of cake – or cookie – for her.

Lilly’s regular posts on her Facebook page, answering questions, sharing her raw cookie reviews, and detailing her philanthropic philosophy were worth it.

He also set up a curbside booth outside his home, where he spent two months of afternoons. One day towards the end of the season, her mother reports that she and Lilly “kicked” for 11 hours straight, selling 500 cases.

Lilly Bumpus / Facebook

But Lilly didn’t just conquer America, she conquered the world. In addition to selling cookies in all 50 states, its customer base spans Canada, England, Spain, Paris, Rome, and as far away as Egypt. Bauer was impressed by the widespread support. “[The world] is showing my 8 year old cookie cancer survivor that together we can and will end cancer, “he said. posted on facebook. “That nothing is impossible when you make it possible!”

For Lilly, the logic behind her global success is simpler: “The world hates cancer just like we do, Mom. It’s time for all of us to work together to end it! Finish it once and for all. “

Considering that Lilly and her family were the driving force behind the Team Lilly Foundation, an organization that provided financial support and created vacation care packages for hospitalized children across the country, it makes sense that in addition to the cookies it sold, Lilly will also collect 5,200 boxes of cookies to donate to a variety of worthy causes.

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The tasty stash will be shared between Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, and Orange County Children’s Hospital, in addition to pediatric patients at cancer facilities in New York and Texas. American troops abroad and the homeless. .

The other girls in Lilly’s troop in San Bernardino have something in common: cancer. Whether they are survivors like Lilly, currently fighting, or have lost a family member to illness, it is a special bond that makes their shared accomplishments even more meaningful.

Lilly Bumpus / Facebook

“It feels like the world believes in me and it feels great,” Lilly told the San Bernardino Sun. “It means a lot to me that people come to support me by buying cookies…. The reason I wanted to break the record is because I wanted to help all kinds of Girl Scouts in the world and tell them that they can do it like I did … I just wanted to inspire. I wanted to help. “

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Juliette Gordon Low brought the Girl Scout organization to the United States in 1917. Her cookie sales efforts began five years later. The world may have changed a lot since then, but even now, offering boxes of happiness for the benefit of a worthy cause while teaching young women that they can achieve the goals they believe in is quite a sweet accomplishment.

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