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This business supports garment workers in Bangladesh by selling surplus clothes


With stores in Europe and the US closed due to closures, many retailers have canceled clothing orders, leaving factories with piles of surplus stock and unable to pay staff. During the first lockdown, orders worth more than $ 2bn (£ 1.5bn) were canceled or suspended in Bangladesh alone.

Get in Lost stock, a powerful retail business that sells boxes of leftover clothing from manufacturers in Bangladesh directly to customers in the UK, providing much-needed income for factories and workers money to feed their families.

“We focus on Bangladesh because its economy is so dependent on clothing manufacturing and there really isn’t the same support network that you would find in other countries,” founder Cally Russell told Positive News.

Lost Stock aimed to sell 50,000 boxes by the end of 2020, but by August the company had doubled that number. Since then it has started selling boxes to customers in Australia, the US and some parts of Europe.

“I hope that maybe the coronavirus will build a better world for all of us, because we will think about things differently. What we have seen with this project is that, in a difficult time in the world, people have decided to do something good with their purchases, ”said Russell.

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