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They Melted Down 22,000 Firearms in Belgium, Recycling Them Into Steel


Belgium recently melted more than 22,000 firearms into 60 tons of recycled steel.

Half of the firearms were obtained from members of the Belgian public. The other half were police weapons that are no longer in use.

Carina van Cauter, Governor of East Flanders, said in a statement: “The result is impressive: 22,457 firearms have disappeared from our society … It is obviously positive for the safety of our citizens that these weapons are no longer used.”

MORE: This city’s police force says no officer fired a single shot in 2020, citing successful de-escalation training.

This is the third time Belgian police have worked with the steel company ArcelorMittal to recycle firearms, and this particular operation takes three days to complete, according to Reuters.

“Steel is infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. For us, steel is the cornerstone of a sustainable circular economy, ”said Karen Warnier of ArcelorMittal. The newspaper.

(LOOK Reuters video on this story below).

Featured Image: West Midlands Police, CC License

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