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These Sunglasses Are Made From the First Ever Batch of Plastic Waste Recovered by the Ocean Cleanup Project


It’s been a year since The Ocean Cleanup made history cleaning the first of the plastic from the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and now, its researchers are turning garbage into designer sunglasses.

Photo for The Ocean Cleanup

Not only are the fancy shades made from the plastic collected, but the proceeds go to help support the nonprofit so they can continue to clean up the ocean.

The new glasses They are the first product to be created from recovered ocean debris, but The Ocean Cleanup website says it won’t be the last.

In October 2019, after years of research, The Ocean Cleanup project launched in San Francisco announced that the System 001 / B vessel had successfully captured and collected plastic debris from the patch.

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The autonomous system uses the natural forces of the ocean to passively corner the plastic in the Garbage Patch, a process that was first envisioned by Boyan Slat. in October 2012.

Photo for The Ocean Cleanup

After discovering the patch in the ’90s, scientists said it would take thousands of years to clean it, but Slat quickly made a name for himself after presenting a TEDx talk in which he claimed that if he could get funding for his machinery designs — he could do it in less than ten.

The young Dutchman dropped out of college in order to make his plans come true, and not only did he collectively fund $ 2.2 million to get started, he raised millions more from interested investors.

LOOK: 633 divers just set the world record for the largest ocean cleanup after collecting 1,600 pounds of trash

The new sunglasses are polarized with full UV protection, while the frames are made from reclaimed ocean pollution. Because the hinges have also been specially designed for easy disassembly, they can be disassembled very quickly for recycling, should it be necessary.

“Together with renowned designer Yves Béhar and Safilo, one of the leading companies in the eyewear industry, we are working to create sunglasses that you will want to wear for the rest of your life (or for a long time).” read the nonprofit website. “We wanted the look and feel of the sunglasses to evoke the ocean, reminding us where they come from and what they protect.”

Although the shades cost $ 199 each, all proceeds from the sunglasses go to fund the nonprofit’s operations.

For every pair sold, the organization will be able to clean 24 football fields of trash from the ocean, and since the glasses went on sale early last week, fans have already financed more than 133,100 football fields with trash.

“When each pair of this first batch of sunglasses is claimed, we can clean 500,000 plastic soccer fields,” the website continues. “That means we can use this garbage to clean up more garbage: completing the circle, over and over again, until we have achieved our mission of clean oceans.”

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