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These Emissions-Free Cargo Vehicles From Germany Could be the Future of Urban Delivery


A Berlin startup has developed a new electric delivery vehicle that can transport a freight car in a package the size of a bicycle.


THAT now it sells the pioneer edition of its new “pedal-assisted transporter,” which they refer to as PAT for short. Although perhaps it is more accurate to call it an “electric cargo bike delivery system”, as it is certainly for that.

While a van can carry four times as many boxes as an ONO PAT, the delivery container that goes on the PAT can be hand-loaded at an ONO “delivery center” and waited on spinning wheels to easily roll to the rear. of the bicycle. when the time comes, a couple who, according to company officials, could completely reinvent urban logistics.

Their argument is that on the typically narrow streets of European cities, the advantages of a cargo compartment electric bike are many.

You can park on sidewalks, eliminating the need to search for parking in dense urban areas. You can use bike lanes to ease traffic congestion and avoid the need to stop on the street, and it doesn’t require a driver’s license, insurance, or registration – all the problems that regular delivery van drivers face.

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Quick trips to and from ONO Hubs would allow operators and coordinators to compensate for the small size of ONO PAT.

Other features include an RFID chip activated starter to prevent theft; There is also an enclosed cab for the driver to sit in, which helps make work a bit more comfortable for those who deliver, especially during cold winters.


Of course, the biggest advantage is that the vehicle is emission-free, with a fast charging time and limited battery drain.

After undergoing stress tests to see how many PATs and Hubs it would take to service a metropolitan area, ONO is establishing a presence in four German cities this fall, with five Hubs operating in Berlin alone. The company’s goals for 2025 are to serve 60 cities, and hopefully more.

Similarly, although a little less sophisticated, electric cargo bikes are being tested and can be seen on the streets of Manhattan, where UPS, DHL and Amazon are. everyone adding their own versions from PAT to their respective delivery fleets, which means tiny vehicles could be the way to go for urban logistics.

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