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The Perfect Zoom Halloween Costume for Your Zodiac Sign

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Well, Halloween is here and how many of us really sad because we can’t show off our awesome fun costumes. Enter: virtual Halloween parties. Whether you meet up with loved ones on Zoom or play a few rounds of Among Us with friends while chatting on Discord, your Halloween get-together can be super-fun and totally safe. (Don’t have any on your calendar? Plan one yourself!)

Halloween coincides with the Celtic ritual of Samhain which many people still practice. It is a time when the boundaries between the worlds are thin. We like to think of this holiday as the time when the boundaries between ourselves and the selves we could be are also thin. A time to try on new personalities — become braver, funnier, or bolder, at least for one night. Many modern astrologers use the stars to gain a deeper understanding of the self. Perhaps trying out a hand-picked Halloween costume for your sign might just help you on that journey.

Looking to discover a hidden part of yourself and try something new instead? Then you might look at this list and consider the costumes not for your own sign (sun, moon, or rising) but the opposite sign. As a reminder, the opposite signs are as follows: Aries and Libra; Taurus and Scorpio; Gemini and Sagittarius; Cancer and Capricorn; Leo and Aquarius; and Virgo and Pisces.


The warrior of the zodiac you would be well suited to dressing up as some sort of superhero. Archetypal Aries is fierce, combative, and competitive so any sort of warrior and war goddess would also do quite nicely such a Xena Warrior Princess or any of these badass women from history.


You tend towards beautiful outfits with on-point makeup and this year will be no different. Since it’s zoom and we mostly just see your face, why not make it all about the makeup? Perhaps Violet Beauregarde of Willy Wonka misfortune, a creative Sims character complete with green hair, or any of these other brilliant beauty-first costumes.


You are very intelligent and love wordplay, so go with a punny costume this year. (I think we can all agree that any laughs are good laughs this year.) Perhaps a clever play on the times we’re in, like Alice in Quaranteen-land or one of these other punny costumes.


You like to be comfortable and cozy, and there’s nothing wrong with that, truly. And this year, you don’t have to worry about the weather hampering your garment game — you can totally wear a cute unicorn or dinosaur onesie. May we interest you in this oh-so-timeless (and oddly comfy-looking) $30 banana costume, perhaps?


As the queen of the spotlight, you’re the type who practically lives for Halloween. For a costume that’ll really make your Halloween special, pick a person or character who’s a ruler, a star, or an entertainer — basically, anyone in history who knows how to make an entrance. Think Cleopatra, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, David Bowie, and Nicki Minaj.


Practical and detail-oriented, you usually like to keep your Halloween costumes simple. You’re not into wearing an elaborate costume. You prefer finding cute accessories and using minimal makeup to complete a look you already own. You might wear a black top and cat ears and call it a night. Don’t forget the cute nose and whiskers.


You always look effortlessly graceful on Halloween and this year will be no different. The sign of balance and harmony this sign brings to mind classic Hollywood beauties such as Audrey Hepburn, Rita Moreno, Clara Bow, or Josephine Baker. You could also appear as a Venus-ruled goddess, whether you go as Venus herself, the goddess Ishtar, or any of this host of others.


It’s your season, Scorpio, so you’re in your natural element when surrounded by all things Halloween. Classic Halloween costumes are excellent choices for Scorpios, so try to put your own twist on a witch, skeleton, ghost, or vampire, or try out this sparkly spiderweb makeup for a shimmery take on the traditional black widow.


You’re known for your fun-loving and curious nature, so take this opportunity to Halloween to learn something new, one of your favorite things to do. This leaves costume choices pretty open ended. Maybe pick one color that you never wear and build a costume around that. Or if you were leaning towards a costume from a particular decade, find out what they really wore instead of just buying off the rack.


Your ambitious and powerful self might enjoy stepping into the shoes of history-making leaders of today. The late honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg (rest in power) would be an excellent choice and you appeal to your minimalist sensibilities. Just make sure to have the collar and a fabulous pair of earrings. Consider other inspiring political figures such as Michelle Obama, Angela Merkel, or — of course — Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


An inventive humanitarian oddball, your costume makes people look and think twice. Maybe you’ll want to point out the ethical issues surrounding eating meat by dressing like a human slab of it the way this couple did. Perhaps you’ll dress as our outdated electoral college system or the Aquarius-ruled internet. Either way, Aquarius, it is sure to be utterly unique.


The dreamer of the zodiac, you love engaging with other spiritual worlds whether through art, music, or words. You love mystical fantastic and you probably have already spent Halloween as faeries, dragons, mermaids and, unicorns. If you want to give your costume that extra Zoom-oomph, try one of these many amazing hair-centric Halloween looks. Also, lots of glitter — lots and lots and lots of glitter.

One last tip: If your virtual monster mash is taking place on Zoom, don’t forget to add a creepy background to add to the overall eerie vibe. Stay safe, and have a happy Halloween.

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