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The DreamGirls Are Taking Over The Natural Hair World

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If you take a look at Instagram or the natural hair aisle at your favorite retailer, you’ll know that there are plenty of brands to choose from. While you can easily stick with what you already know, there is one brand that can take your hair game to the next level. And DreamGirls has decided to step up to the plate.

The brainchild of Tonya Thompson and Sharie Wilson, this Black-owned brand is determined to repair, restore, and revive damaged strands. Known to provide all hair types, especially natural hair, this line has become the top pick for improving hair growth and eliminating dryness with extra nourishment.

We got the opportunity to connect with Tonya and Sharie to talk about all things hair and what you can expect from the collection.

HYPE HAIR: What inspired you ladies to create the DreamGirls Hair Care System?

TONYA & SHARIE: We created our Healthy Hair Care System to give women across the globe access to salon-quality products so that they can actually see hair growth results while caring for their hair at home. With our Healthy Hair Care System, we also wanted to break the stereotype of Black women not being able to have long, natural, healthy hair. Black women have been stereotyped as not having any hair or being bald, which is why they are forced to wear a weave or wig, and we have debunked that myth through the hundreds of women who have grown their hair on our Healthy Hair Program and using our Healthy Hair Care System.

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