Liza Koshy Launches One of One Makeup and Skin-Care Collection With C’est Moi | Exclusive

Koshy fans who want to recreate her love of non-traditional eyeliner may want to reach for the double-ended Think Twice Eyeliner Pencil ($12), each of which combines shades you might not necessarily think to put together. The three shades available are metallic auburn and matte taupe, matte brown and metallic rose gold, and my personal favorite, matte black and metallic teal. (Koshy also likes to use these to pencil in metallic freckles, she adds.)

She also has a shimmery liquid highlighter ($12) with package instructions that say simply, “Dude, just rub it anywhere.” That’s not to be confused with the Shimmer Hydrafluid ($20), a skin-care product with a more metaphorical shimmer, thanks to moisturizing agents like jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid

Koshy’s a fan of multi-purpose products. “One of my goals was to lighten the makeup bag,” she says. “I wanted each product to have a versatility to it, maybe a two-for-one, but maybe also a four-for-one.” She highlights the Face Balm Cleansing Duo ($16), which doubles as a physical exfoliant, thanks to the silicone brush head on one side. The Give Em Lip & Cheek Tinted Balm ($14) is another double, with berry, pink, and coral designed to moisturize lips or work as blush. 

Since this is Koshy, the range also comes with an unconventional endorsement. “My best friend just had a baby. I sent her the line and she said, ‘I could dunk my baby in this if I wanted to because I know it’s so safe.'” Allure does not endorse dunking your baby, no matter the formula, but you get it.

One of One is available for presale on cestmoi.com, and will officially launch on November 16. 

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