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Strangers Shelter Stranded Delivery Driver for 5 Days During Texas Cold Snap–Now She’s ‘Part of the Family’


Chelsea Timmons decided to make it her latest installment because the roads in Austin, Texas were getting more slippery. When she ended up stuck in the customer’s driveway, it turned out to be a huge silver lining.

Not wanting to walk down the driveway, the HEB grocery store clerk tried to climb the steep incline with her car, but she helplessly glided into the garden.

Although the couple tried to help her move her car, the efforts failed and AAA’s highway service was already inundated with calls.

It was then that Nina Richardson and Doug Condon decided that, with the weather getting worse and safety concerns mounting, she needed to settle into their home.

“It’s what you do when things come up,” Nina told ABC News.

“We have daughters and we hope that if they are ever in a situation like this, there will be someone to open their home and help them,” added Doug.

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Over dinner they learned that Chelsea would like to open a bakery one day, and soon she volunteered to bake them a delicious gluten-free coconut cake.

Chelsea timmons

She slept in the guest room for five days, befriended the dog, and realized how lucky she was overall.

“I found that my apartment lost water, it was without power, so being ‘trapped here’ turned out to be a better situation. Most of my family was without power for several days. “

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“I definitely ate a lot better here,” he exclaimed. “They made me feel comfortable and made me feel like part of the family.”

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