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Amid heightened awareness of what goes on our plates, a pottery workshop in Liverpool has turned its attention to the china itself.

Growing awareness of the environmental impact of our diets means that more and more people are examining what goes on their plates. But what about the dishes themselves?

Taking sustainable gastronomy one step further is a pottery workshop in Liverpool, which has turned its attention to recycled tableware. Granby’s Workshop uses waste from the ceramic, glass and stone industries to produce its line of ‘circular’ tableware.

“All kinds of sludge, silt, dust and debris were considered,” the team said. It may not sound like an appetizing prospect, but Granby Workshop is quick to point out that all finished items are as safe and hygienic as any other tableware.

The workshop also says that virgin materials are not used in the plates, bowls and cups, not even in the enamel, which is made from crushed glass, crushed bricks and dust from quarries of slate, granite and marble.

The workshop was able to launch the range thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised almost £ 69,000 for the project.

An estimated 68 million tonnes of ceramic waste is sent to landfill in the UK each year.

Main Image: Granby’s Workshop


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