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See How a Teacher Broke the World Record for Largest Single Drawing Made By One Person


A Philadelphia art teacher has set a new world record by creating the largest individual drawing of a person at 6,509 square feet.


At the Crayola IDEAworks exhibition, Dyymond Whipper-Young made his piece 400 square feet larger than the work of the previous world record holder, Italian artist FRA, who completed a drawing in 2020 that was 6,100 square feet in size.

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the IDEAworks The exhibition takes place at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and tests the creativity of visitors by using Crayola products to sketch, draw and doodle the answers to questions such as how to regenerate a coral reef and how to build a sustainable city. .

“I really believe that creativity is in all of us, and with this exhibition, drawing, the purpose is to inspire people to find their own creative pulse,” said Whipper-Young, who took an impressive 63 hours, spread over five days. . , to complete the piece. “I’m … very grateful to be able to show my own art as well.”

(CLOCK the video below to see how Whipper-Young made his * giant * mark.)

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