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‘Saint’ Dolly Parton Partly Funded Moderna’s Promising New Coronavirus Vaccine


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Dolly Parton says she is honored to have contributed money to the research that has led to one of the most promising COVID-19 vaccines, yet.

In April 2020, the superstar shared on Instagram that he was donating $ 1 million to Nashville Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The Tennessee-based center has been an initial test site for the Moderna vaccine which, according to the first data, has an efficacy of 94.5%. Immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci says vulnerable groups in the US, such as healthcare workers and the elderly, could wait receive the first of these vaccines as early as the second half of December.

Talking with the BBC, the 74-year-old country music singer said she was “very excited” to learn how effective the vaccine is. “I was very proud to have been a part of that little startup capital that will hopefully grow into something great and help heal this world,” she explained.

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A spokesman for Vanderbilt University Medical Center, John Howser, added that his generous donation is also helping fund a study of convalescent plasma, used to treat people already suffering from the virus, and research involving antibody therapies: two of which are currently being tested. by a multinational pharmaceutical company.

Parton’s donation has surprised few. The “Jolene” singer has a long history of charitable giving. Since 1995, in fact, she gave away more than 147 million books to children in need through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

Still, ‘Saint Dolly’ fans, including Zack Braff, are spreading love for his latest philanthropic hit.

Cheers to that. And cheers to Dolly.

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