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Puppy Gets Tooth Pulled at the Dentist, And Adorably Smiles for the Camera


Generally, when dogs are really “smiling”, that is, expressing happiness, it is when they have their ears in a relaxed state for the breed and a wide open mouth, with a wagging tongue.

So even though we are giving our thumbs up today for the best dog smiles, we are truly reflecting our humanity on animals and enjoying it immensely.

Dogs are usually signaling that they agree to be the lowly beta of the pack by pulling the corners of their mouths up, the same signal we call a smile.

Still, not all dogs have the talent to make a ‘smile’, but these pups are professionals, especially when asked the right question.

Loni had a visit to the dog dentist where she had to have one of her teeth pulled.

See how he shows his dental work for the camera. Priceless!

“Did they remove a tooth? Let me see…”

This Golden Retriever puppy shows his baby teeth, and the added music makes this an overload of cuteness.

When Mom asks Labrador Bill to smile, he is very happy to please her.

This smile may be the most adorable of all …

But dogs are not the only animals that can produce a giddy ‘smile’ at just the right time. Look at this sea lion. A zoo keeper in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, plays with one of the animals in his care.

“When I smile at the camera, she imitates me and makes the same face.”

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