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Poll Shows People Are Picking Up Healthy New Habits As a Result of Being Home in Pandemic


The British have been creating new healthy routines in recent months, and many have learned at least five new rituals as a result of being so much at home this year.

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed that more than a third have acquired and adopted good habits during confinement.

And seven out of 10 said their new rituals have made them feel happy and secure, and 65 percent believe the way they feel from day to day has improved.

64 percent say they exercise more, and two-thirds of those say their well-being has improved. 65 percent also said that eating a balanced diet helped.

The survey, commissioned by the Japanese probiotics company Yakult, also revealed that nearly eight in 10 intend to stick with the changes they have recently made.

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The OnePoll study also found that during the confinement, love of the outdoors increased, with 29 percent embracing more time with nature.

Baking and cooking from scratch also gained popularity, with one in four introducing this ritual into their lives.

It was also found that 31 percent have developed a penchant for tidying up their homes.

Being much more at home and the need to feel more organized and in control were the main reasons why the British claim to have acquired new habits and rituals, in addition to simply having more free time.

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