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Pioneering Arthritis Treatment For Dogs is Rolled Out And Vets Call it ‘Groundbreaking’



An arthritis treatment for dogs is being implemented, the first in the world, and veterinarians call it “innovative.”

The new biological therapy involves the synthesis of antibody molecules to eradicate pain caused by arthritis.

The antibodies have been made in the US by Zoeitus, the world’s largest animal health company, and Scotland’s dogs will be the first country to benefit, with eight veterinary clinics across the country distributing the treatments.

Apex Vets, near Falkirk, is one such clinic, and its owner Anne McMenemy recently brought in Chloe, a 13-year-old cocker spaniel, for treatment.


The dog suffered for almost ten years with dysplasia in the hind legs and front elbow, which later developed into arthritis. Unfortunately, the available medications caused liver damage.

McMenemy said: “With this treatment… it will be a blessing not only for Chloe but also for other dogs living with arthritis. With his arthritis, he can’t go for a long walk, if he can walk for 10 minutes instead of five, that would be good progress. “

Chloe will receive treatments once a month, and Apex Vets co-director Doug Paterson says the new treatment feels like “the next big leap in science.”

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“They will not suffer the kidneys nor will they have gastric ulcerations that can be side effects of arthritis medications,” he explained. “As dogs age, we must be careful to administer anti-inflammatory medications. With these antibodies, you don’t have these problems. “

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In fact, it is hopeful news.

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