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New issue of Positive News offers respite during lockdown


From the cancer charity founder who wants you to find your greatness to people of color who are making access to nature more inclusive, articles in the latest Positive News magazine offer hope and inspiration.

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that things can fall apart unexpectedly. For this issue’s cover star, Kris Hallenga, her life as she knew it fell apart in 2009, when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Just three months later, he released CoppaFeel! to help others get help before her. The charity’s awareness work is always run for fun, never fear.

And 12 years later, Hallenga is full of wit, warmth, and wisdom, particularly about how we shouldn’t wait for crises to prompt us to make the most of life.

The pandemic has shown us that even when life is turned upside down, people are capable of the most extraordinary kindness. In this issue, we report on how kindness continues to emerge: from designers who have used their skills to encourage people to donate to food banks struggling to cope with the influx of demand, to people who have shaped to their careers around being kind to the environment.

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The outdoors, in many ways, has helped many people over the past nine months. Newly aware of its enormous capacity to comfort in times of tragedy and stress, what better time for us to ensure that as many people as possible have access to it?

We spoke with five inspiring people of color who are working to open access to and enjoyment of nature for all. They have faced many challenges (and their stories make reading uncomfortable at times), but they remain undaunted and full of cautious optimism that things are changing for the better. I love your descriptions of the special places and moments in nature that have brought you joy and comfort. And in one of our new regular sections, Cath Prisk from the People outdoors the social enterprise explains why taking children outside is a passion for her.

In other places, we know people who started businesses during the pandemic and who insist that a “good divorce” is possible. We also track progress on some pressing societal challenges, from conspiracy theories to job insecurity.

This issue of Positive News It shows that in addition to the opportunity to be in touch with our own greatness when things fall apart, there are also people near and far to help us rebuild. I hope that theme shines through and inspires you in the year ahead.



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