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Mississippi City Will Pay You a Monthly Stipend and Relocation Costs to Move There


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How about a move to a lovely place that will pay you $ 6,000 to move in and move there for a year?

The historic town of Natchez, known for its rich sunsets, vibrant festivals, winding bike trails and pre-war homes, offers remote workers $ 2,500 in moving expenses and $ 300 per month for a year to help people to move to the city.

When we say it is a historic place, we mean it. According to Lonely planet, this is “one of the oldest continuous settlements on the Mississippi River, surpassing New Orleans, its larger and more striking neighbor, by two years.”

The first and only city in the Deep South to offer such a program, the initiative is called Shift South and there are 30 spaces available. Those who want to apply will have to work remotely in the US They will have to establish their primary residence in Natchez, purchase a home there worth $ 150,000 or more, and own and live in it for a year.

The good news: the cost of living in the city, with 15,000 inhabitants, is lower than the national average, and the median housing is $ 96,056 according to Zillow.

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“The pandemic has really been a wake-up call to what people have been feeling for a long time,” said local mayor Dan Gibson. CNN. “They are tired of the big cities, the high cost of living and the long commutes. With this offer, you can live in a beautiful, historic little town where everything is convenient and affordable. “

Sounds good to us. Remote workers who wish to apply to the The Shift South incentive program can be reached here.

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