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Michaela Coel Dyed Her Brows Purple to Match Her Buzz Cut

There’s no hard and fast rule that your brows should perfectly match your hair color. In fact, sometimes a contrast is quite nice — take platinum-blonde hair with ash-brown brows, for example. And when you go for a vibrant fantasy hair color, you’re most definitely not expected to carry the shade down to your brows. But Michaela Coel is proving that it’s actually a damn good idea.

On Monday, October 26, makeup artist Alex Babsky posted a photo of Coel taken during a talk with British GQ. In it, the I May Destroy You star is beaming with a brand new magenta-hued buzz cut, which would be cool enough on its own. But Babsky went ahead and matched her brows to the bold shade. “I did some 💜PURPLE💜 eyebrows on stupendous Michaela Coel to match her brand new hair, for her #GQHEROES talk with @regyates, in which she discusses representing the realities of London life in her groundbreaking show, & taking ownership of her work.”

The comments are filled with huge fans of the new look. “Oooo I’ve had coloured brows on my mind lately!!!!!!!” wrote fellow makeup artist Jo Baker. “I love her and I love this look 💜,” wrote another enthusiast

Coel is seen with a variety of hairstyles on I May Destroy You: practically bald, shoulder-length waves with a pastel-tinted blonde shade, long and dark, and more. Needless to say, just like with her acting, Coel is fearless with her hair — and just as inspirational.

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