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Man Raises $25,000 For 70-Year-old Woman Who’s Worked at KFC With a Smile For Almost 50 Years


There’s no denying that Kentucky Fried Chicken is finger lickin ‘good, but that’s not the only thing that keeps a Toronto fan coming back to their favorite franchise year after year.

Food aside, this loyal customer has formed a special bond with a KFC employee who befriended him when he was just 5 years old.

Emilia and Jason Schweitzer, supplied

Jason Schweitzer met Emilia when he and his mother were stopping by for a weekly Sunday lunch. “From being a kid and hanging out with my mom at the Broadview and Gerrard location in Chinatown,” Schweitzer told the Toronto Sun, “When you grow up and recognize a face, it becomes part of your mental space.”

There was an almost instantaneous sympathy between the boy and the sweet-natured worker that he loved. “I always asked my mom, ‘Is the funny woman there? Is the funny woman there? ‘”Schweitzer said in an interview with CTV News. “[Emilia] I was always hooked on some fries. She was always very kind and always very funny. “

Recently, Schweitzer witnessed a rude customer give his dear friend a rebuke, to which Emilia reacted with her usual good-natured poise. “I took a step back and went about my business, but I thought, ‘How is someone still working here after all these years? You have to deal with good people, bad people and grumpy people, “he told the Sun.

Not long after that incident, Schweitzer, who had cared for Emilia’s well-being during the COVID-19 crisis, devised a plan to honor the woman who had been offering her own proprietary brand of personalized customer service to the community. for almost 50 years.

To ensure that 70-year-old Emilia had transportation, personal protective equipment, rental money and other necessities, as well as a financial cushion for her future, Schweitzer established a GoFundMe on her behalf so that Emilia can “continue to be an amazing person.”

Within days, donations totaling more than $ 25,000 had been flooded and were on target to reach the campaign’s $ 30,000 goal. Schweitzer is very grateful.

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“The kindness of all their hearts with the donations received, only shows how as a community, city, country, we can all make a difference,” he said in an updated publication. “[S]mall or large. Keep up the energy. “

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KFC’s secret “11 herbs and spices” recipe may be one of the best-kept trade secrets in the industry, but luckily, Emilia’s prepayment formula for human kindness has a unique open source patent that promises no matter how many you bite. take, you’ll always have room for more.

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