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Man Gets Engaged to Woman He Traveled 4,000 Miles to Meet–After She Liked a Photo of His Chubby Cat


A Brit is engaged to a woman he traveled 4,000 miles to meet, after she liked a photo of him holding a cat on a Facebook group for chubby cats.


Adam Lawrence, 29, and Anna Hosey, 26, connected in October 2019 after Adam posted a photo of himself holding a friend’s cat in the group This Cat Is Chonky.

He texted Anna after she called him “cute” in the comments. And just two months later, after a series of calls and messages, he flew to the United States to meet her.

They have been out long-distance since then, and when Adam’s next visit to the United States was canceled due to the pandemic, stylist Anna flew to London as soon as the border opened in July 2020.

She moved in with Adam for the lockdown and Adam proposed to her. Now these two in love kitties are happily engaged just a year after their chance meeting.

Graphic designer Adam said, “I knew Anna was leaving and wanted our relationship to continue, so I decided to propose to her.

“My friends and my family love her.

“I don’t usually date. I haven’t had that many relationships, so when everyone met Anna, they all said, wow, she’s amazing! You should try to make it work.

“We had talked about getting married a couple of times, but we hadn’t really made up our minds.

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“I was originally planning to do it on London Bridge, but I remembered Anna saying she didn’t want it to be in a crowded place, so I waited until the next day.

“We had a good day at Camden and I proposed to her in my room and she said yes.”

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Anna from Chicago said: “I wasn’t entirely surprised; when it happened, it was more of a sense of excitement about the direction our future will officially take. It felt more like stating what we wanted. “


The couple started from their first phone call. It lasted five hours. “” We are both very passionate about music, so we would send music around and have deep and meaningful conversations, “says Anna.

“From that conversation, I remember going to my friends and telling them that I don’t know why, I don’t know this boy, but I feel like I’m going to marry him!”

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The happily engaged couple look forward to the future and look forward to marrying next year in London to Anna looking to eventually move to the UK full time.

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